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Impactful Female Entrepreneurs of PERTH is a space where you come to

- Get Inspired and Empowered

- A space to give real Women in Business their own Community

- to give you the Knowledge and Confidence they need.

- Sharing the skills and tools needed to Create and Scale their Project and/or Passion

Every single one of you has the ability to achieve great things.......you are all Ordinary Women, here to create EXTRA - Ordinary things!!!

Our wonderful members in Perth are a huge part of the decisions being made behind the scenes right now. We are continuing to provide mentoring, education and support for this tribe.

Let's be Daring, Courageous and DISRUPTIVE - -

Listen to your intuition and Give Priority to your Passion!

"If YOU are not Living on the EDGE, You are taking up TOO MUCH SPACE..."

The Female Entrepreneurial journey can be challenging, so let's come together and KICK START your life and your business with some AWESOME Vibrations!!!

Here is your OPPORTUNITY to get INSPIRED, share, create, and build RELATIONSHIPS with Like-Minded SPIRITED Women, Grow and have lots of FUN in the process.

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In 2017 - I had NO idea what to do… $60k in debt, no safety net, no solid plan…I had just left Thailand from living there for 1.5 years. I had exactly $400 to my name! And a dream to be a successful entrepreneur. I had sold my restaurant to create my own business, but then I wondered if it was a TERRIBLE decision. Honestly, I had no idea how overwhelming it would feel... I didn’t know what to do, let alone HOW to do it!! So I got busy doing things that didn’t get anywhere. I was doing what made me feel productive, but I wasn’t making money. (I had a “busy-ness”.) Long days and nothing to show for it… But deep down, I knew I couldn’t keep wasting time. I was searching everywhere for solutions but the “gurus” seemed like charlatans… Everything I learned just confused me more! And the website I paid top dollar for didn’t generate ANY business... Were my entrepreneurial hopes just a pipe dream? I had so much doubt and worry, and the self-confidence I had wasn’t transferring the way I expected… And I felt this weird pressure to act like I was successful - like everything was just fine. So I went on kind of “pretending.” Things got so bad I finally just about gave up. I was thinking about how I’d been spending my time, and wondering if there might be a better way… And then it struck me! To accomplish my bigger goals, I'd have to complete smaller tasks one-by-one... That clarity changed everything. I got clearer about my exact (measurable) goals, and worked backwards from there - breaking them down into manageable chunks… A lot of tasks couldn’t be accomplished until something else was FIRST done… Going at it like this, I realised there were things I needed to learn before I could move forward… Especially in online marketing! (Email marketing, funnels, social media, etc…) I HAD to learn marketing or else I’d be stuck… If I didn’t succeed, I’d have to go back to the "J.O.B" world (and be trapped there forever)... So I did whatever it took… to get through EACH and every obstacle… And it wasn’t easy, but I ultimately “connected the dots” and built an amazing business! The systems I developed out of desperation led to my first 6 figures!! Now I love helping other entrepreneurs AVOID the heartache I experienced (and shortcut success) by sharing the marketing solutions I found… My strategies have been like a template for 6,218 entrepreneurs (and counting) to take control of their businesses… When you know what to do, and in the right order, believe me, things get much, much simpler. See, a business that thrives online is always based on the same marketing systems - and there are certain ways to put them together and operate them! (And it's not too difficult!!) If you’re interested in learning my methods, I’m offering a free 2 Hour workshop. I’d love you to join me... One of the most brilliant things you can do in business is to model what’s actually working, rather than re-inventing the wheel. I’d LOVE to support you in your journey. I believe you deserve it! Your friend, Jo Botting P.S. During the workshop, you’ll learn a highly effective framework for revolutionizing your business - no strings attached.

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