The Hub Hustle: Business Development


I know y’all can’t wait, but don’t worry, the next Hub Hustle is coming up real soon! You might be wondering, "so, what's on the agenda this time?". Nothing less than Business Development. We are head over heels excited about having our own co-founder and network expert Lana Lovasic, accelerator specialist Mtha S. Piraya and Business coach Peter Lach share their own hustles with you soon! We’ll be discussing on how to deliver the perfect pitch, how to be the smoothest networker, and how to accelerate your business in 5 steps. It's all going down on Wednesday 24 July, 11am - 12am | Get Tickets

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Lana Lovasic
Director, Simanye Consulting | Co-Founder, Impact Hub Joburg
Lana Lovasic is one of the Directors of Simanye Consulting, a business focused on strategic BEE, Social Enterprise, and Economic Development advisory services as well researching, developing and investing in innovative social enterprise models. She is also a Director and Co-Founder our very own Impact Hub Joburg!. Lana’s particular focus and interests are in innovation, social enterprise, impact investing, holistic market-led economic development, and the new economy. She has extensive on-the-ground experience in these areas, as well as in supplier and enterprise development, local content, community development, and business strategy. Change through business is her passion and she fully believes in shared value and inclusive business models as the future of business. Lana also sits on the steering committee of the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs and helped found an urban agriculture business called Rooftop Roots. Lana has an MBA from the University of Geneva, Switzerland and an Honours Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto, Canada.

Mtha S Pitaya
With a lifetime of experience in business development, Mtha S Pitaya is today the founder and Managing Director of MarkPen Services. He has been consulting business from all kinds of areas, and is a true expert when it comes to acceleration. This coming Hub Hustle, Mtha will be sharing his best tips and tricks when it comes to delivering a killer pitch - whether it’s for an investor, stakeholder or when networking.

Peter Lach
A Business Growth specialist and a certified business coach, Peter Lach is Founder and Principal Coach of VantageCoach Business Accelerator and is passionate about helping business owners of small and medium enterprises grow their business profitably. He helps entrepreneurs on creating winning growth strategies, scalable business models and how to build a successful team while building a sale-ready business that grows profitably without depending on the owner’s direct operational involvement. He will be teaching us how to make those first moves as a start up entrepreneur to accelerate your business, and create a strategy moving forward.