The Hub Hustle: Building the Dream Team


Our last Hub Hustle was amazing, a big thank you to everyone who participated. Our next Hub Hustle is on the horizon and we just wanted to give you some information on what to expect. The key component to any business is its people, and that’s what we are focusing on in the upcoming hustle. We will discuss who to hire, how to legally hire and how to draw people into your organization through compelling story telling. We couldn’t have found two people who are better to discuss these challenges than our experts this week. Let us introduce business consultant and keynote speaker Charles Hsuan, and employment law attorney Jacqui Reed. Read their bio’s below!

If you can't make it here in-person, you can join through the following Zoom link:

Speaker profiles:

Charles Hsuan from Flying Kite, is an experienced business consultant, podcast host and keynote speaker specialising in marketing and sales strategy for growing SMEs. Charles has worked with some of the biggest brands in SA, including Nedbank, Hirsch’s, iLEAD et al, BrightSparkz Tutors, Driven Advisory and The Daily Coffee Café Franchise Group, to name a few.

Jacqui Reed is not only a graduated attorney from WITS School of Law, but she also is the founder of Reed Law Inc, a dynamic law firm specialising in corporate employment and immigration law. She is an expert in providing advice in relation to complex issues, such as employment contracts, unfair labour practice, workplace rights and many more. She will be guiding us through the does and don’ts from a legal perspective, and providing a talk on the pitfalls of employment law.