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Do you have a hard time explaining to friends-of-friends or estranged family members what you do for a living? Do you suffer from the chronic condition commonly known as imposter syndrome? Do you run your own bootstrapped software company or design consultancy? Sell digital products to your "newsletter"? Peddle giant, handmade Lord of the Rings maps on Etsy?

You, my friend, have what we call a fake internet job.

It's lonely having a fake internet job. Over the years, it's been increasingly difficult for us to justify conversations with our feline colleagues. But after accumulating a small network of human friends, we've discovered that community offers unexpected benefits. Whether it's having the ability to talk through a problem, receive not-your-mother's feedback, or reach a eureka moment via a spontaneous game of Jenga, being around smart, creative, ambitious people appears to legitimately improve life.

The desire to wrangle unsuspecting pets into a "C-suite meeting"? GONE.

Typically, fake internet job friends live mostly online in Slack rooms and video chats. While that's perfectly snazzy, we want to build a community here, in Chicago, where we actually breathe the same air and can bring our collections of passive-aggressive Post-It notes for show and tell.

How doesn't this exist in Chicago yet? It's inexplicable.

Obviously, we're here to fix that. Let's all go on field trips and talk about what we do for a living without having to crack open tuna cans. These will be very casual occasions--no presentations on search engine optimization or similar tomfoolery. Instead, we're going to play games, probably of the card, board, or tabletop variety. We're here to make friends. Friends who are also smart, creative, ambitious imposters.

We would especially like to invite:

• women bootstrappers

• LGBT/queer bootstrappers

• individuals who successfully do things other people are afraid to do

• residents of Logan Square

• nerds/geeks (especially fans of Star Trek, Settlers of Catan, and/or RPGs)

• ambitious, creative types (people seriously interested in the business of their art)

• software/tech people who know fancy things

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