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The Mumbai Improv Meetup is an amateur IMPROV group that aims to meet every week to have fun improvisational acting sessions. To join, click on the JOIN US button!


What is IMPROV?

Improvisational theatre (also known as improv ) is a form of theatre in which actors perform without a script. So in a sense, it's the purest form of theater!

Improvisers typically use audience suggestions to guide the performance as they create dialogue, setting, and plots while thinking on their feet.

The most popular example of Improv is the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway *

* above collage features scenes from the TV show 'Whose line is it anyway'

Search Youtube for scenes from the show

Can I see demos of Improv?

Search for IMPROV on Youtube.com and you'll get to see demos of varying levels of IMPROV acting. From amateur groups to professional Improv clubs. But don't compare yourselves with any of them. Your competition is not other IMPROV actors. Your only competition is yourself. How much can YOU let go of your inhibitions and be in the moment?

Here are some basic IMPROV games along with a youtube link next to it. They'll give you a feel for what IMPROV is about.

1) It's Tuesday http://bit.ly/9S5NPk

2) 2 word story http://bit.ly/bCaBM6

3) 5 letter word http://bit.ly/a2Q6CO

Can I do Improv?

Anybody can do Improv. You don't need special training or talent for it. If you are willing to let go off what people think about you and think on your feet, you will enjoy Improv acting and will develop the skills of being present more fully in the moment.

Do I have to be funny?

You don't have to be funny. The hidden riddle of improv is that the harder you try NOT to be funny the more funny your scene is going to be. Why? Because the very best kind of improv scene you can do is an "interesting" scene, not necessarily a "funny" one. When you do an interesting scene, a very surprising thing happens, the funny comes out all by itself.

The best ways to go are to stick to your character, stick to the story that is being told, and to stay within the reality of the scene you are playing.

For more information about Improv, please go here : http://improvencyclopedia.org/index.html

Benefits of IMPROV

The skills you learn in improv class are actually life skills. You learn to be confident, to be a good listener, to express your creative self, to think on your feet...without worrying about what the world thinks of you!

The knowledge you gain from participating in an IMPROV session enriches you in many unique ways.

Here are some aspects of your personality that IMPROV enhances....

Resourcefulness, and your ability to adapt
Your 'active listening' skills
Ability to take action in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity
Risk Taking
Innovation and Creativity
Emotional Intelligence
Communication and Collaboration
Overall social confidence
Stage presence

Most important of all…it teaches you to laugh at yourself, and keep your inner child alive. http://s.wordpress.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif

As is often said about IMPROV, if you are terrified to do it, then you really need to do it !

Everyone should do Improv, at least once a week! :)

Basic rules of Improv : http://bit.ly/9jZiHG

FAQ about Improv : http://bit.ly/a4N5gb

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