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Upfront Note: This is NOT your "typical" stereo type group of old lady knitters. We range from about 18 - 45, most in their 30's and let's just say we are a group of crazies. Each meeting is filled with roaring laughter. Bad language, sarcasm, foul mouths are all accepted here and used frequently!! Please be aware of this before joining this group!!!! We are very open verbally so if you are offended easily this is NOT the group for you. This group is designed to get crocheters, knitters, cross stitchers (or any crafter, sewer, beader quilter, scrapbooker etc..) together for food, fun, laughs and friendship.

Language is usually colorful, sarcasm high and laughs non-stop. This is your warning ;) BUT! we have all become wonderful friends and welcome new members with open arms. New members always say to us "WHY did I wait so long to come to my first meetup with you gals?!!?" So join us soon! You'll have loads of fun and a new list of friends immediately! After high school or college of any kind ends, you lose that easier connection to meet new friends so how do you meet more friends now? With this group of course!!

I started this group to get locals (or new transplants) who share common interests together. You don't have to do any particular craft, you can bring your own craft of choice to work on, anything you'd like.

The idea of the group is to get to know each other, have a reason to escape the house, kids, husband, pets, etc... for food, fun and friendship and even finally work on that project you've had for so long collecting dust.

This group is based for adults (ONLY) to get together and have fun, relax, vent or whatever you need it to be! I know it may be tough but let's leave the kiddo's home and get that well deserved time to take a breather, meet new people, stitch, craft, eat, drink and laugh together!!! Because let's face it... we're are good at this stuff ;) Plus we all need a time to escape once a month!! Come join us!!

Please click: "Message Board (http://www.meetup.com/inbetweenstitches/messages/boards/)" to read an important message for new members.

See you soon!


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