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--->>>NOTE: LATE This one is 4PM!!!!!!<<<---

This location is literally right down the street from Ben Franklin if you need a last minute craft item or if you run out of supplies. Also, 8 minutes up the road is Quintessential Knits yarn shop!

Join us for a great all day/night craft event!

Have you joined us on Facebook yet?? Search our group name there & request to join! Our group page is private, your posts/comments won't appear publically.

--->>>NOTE: LATER!!! This one starts at 4pm!!!<<<---

Please bring:

• Your project(s) of choice

• A yummy dish or appetizer to share with the group (please put what you're bringing in your RSVP comment box. Ideas below!)

• A drink (or 2) for yourself for the hours you'll be attending. There is coffee but other than that feel free to bring something non-alcoholic for yourself.

• Dues - $3 cash

We'll be having the gift basket drawing full of craft items so don't miss it!

Please note: Our meetup at this location is much longer so you may want to bring 2 drinks;) We usually make coffee there in the evening as well. & some members bring a pillow or cushion for their backs.

Also, a reminder since this meetup is longer than our weeknight one we all try to bring actual finger foods or dishes so we don't have to run out and get meals. Examples are: a crock-pot item, meatballs, $5 pizzas, chicken strips, fruit salad, coffee cake, sandwich fixings, salads, little smokies, raviolis, any appetizers. We all love food in general so be creative! Look on Pillsbury's site. Even look on Pinterest! (I bring paper plates/bowls and plasticware. There is also larger utensils & dishes if needed at the church as well as a microwave, stove & fridge to all borrow.)

If you need to arrive late or leave early its no problem! We're an easy going group. Just let us know in your rvsp so we know you're not lost somewhere.

For the new people: We don't have a specified ending time, we usually meet until about 11pm and then go out to get food, coffee or dessert at Denny's just a few blocks down. I realize this sounds like a very long meetup to the new people but once you attend a meetup with us you'll see how fast time flies and how we all WANT to go to the after-party. (that's what we call it *giggles*)

If you have any questions, just send me a message!

Hope to see you all there!


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