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Next event: Discussion of partnering up with others to do deals- https://webinar.incomepropertiesportfolio.com/

This is a group for people who want to learn how to buy multifamily properties and find partners to buy multifamily properties with. This is how you will build your track record and credibility. This industry is very competitive. It's hard to find deals in this market that make sense and raise capital.

The people in our group come together to buy properties. It's amazing what happens when motivated people come together! We have built a multi-million dollar portfolio of Class B & C multifamily properties. So the model works really well. You can see how members from this group are doing deals- https://webinar.incomepropertiesportfolio.com/

It's important to do your first few deals with like minded people who want to take action. The purpose of this group is to partner up to do deals NOW. We are a group of doers. Watching youtube videos or taking expensive guru lessons will only take you so far. Many of our members are already doing deals together without having spent a dime in lessons. Execution and getting your hands dirty are the best way to learn.

By joining, you will be able to connect with highly motivated people who want to grow and do bigger deals!

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Boston Multifamily Event- Meet, mingle, learn from a team doing off-market deals

Intro: This multifamily conference will be hugely beneficial to those who want to acquire multifamily deals. We are all excited about this conference and look forward to meeting with you face to face. This is a one of a kind event because you will have an opportunity to learn how off-market properties are sourced, acquired and see how value is added. Background: I, Josh Welch, founded Three Pillars Capital Group (TPCG) to build a portfolio of multifamily properties. All the deals are sourced by TPCG off-market, which results in a lower acquisition price. The portfolio is set to hit roughly $50m by end of July in just 18 months. Agenda: We will go over how we create value after acquisition, which has been a big pillar of our success. Our director of acquisition, Lucas Fertitta, will be at the event as well. He can go over the off-market acquisition process. Doing off-market deals has allowed us to capture value right from Day 1. We have several partners from NY, you'll be able to meet with them as well Come hear our story at this LIVE event. We will share our experiences and you will get to mingle with others who are already working with us and doing deals. This is going to be a fantastic event you would not want to miss.

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