Houston Multifamily Meetup- Being a Key Principal and Partnering up on deals

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Note: This is a webinar event. Click here to register for it- https://webinar.incomepropertiesportfolio.com/

This is an event only for those who want to partner with other owner-operators on off-market multifamily deals. Read all the details.

Background: Three Pillars Capital Group (TPCG) has a portfolio of 25M worth of multifamily properties. On their most successful acquisition they took rents from $495 to $950 and increased NOI by almost 2.5X. Their acquisition and asset manager sources off-market deals by working with owners directly. Their construction crew performs the rehab. They have a well oiled machine.

Key Principal (KP): If you don't have a track record, credibility or capital, it's very hard to get started. Almost all successful syndicators started by partnering up. As a KP, you learn operations by getting your hands dirty and executing. You will be rotated through real operations every 5 weeks. We only work with people with matching goals and vision. We are very selective about who we work with. We don't charge any fee, that's not our goal.

Why: In order to do your own deal, you need to understand how to source deals, structure it, raise capital, perform rehab, manage the management team, oversee operations, etc. You will get to learn all that. TPCG benefits from this because it frees up their time from some of the operations you handle. Of course everything happens under TPCG's oversight. After being a key principal, you can transition into a general partner on the next deal (we will go over examples).

We want to work with people who want to grow a portfolio. No one builds wealth from one deal, it takes a series of deals.

Click here now to register for the webinar- https://webinar.incomepropertiesportfolio.com/