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What we're about

In this Meet-Up you will discover what blocks your happiness and
motivation, causing you anxiety and stress. Find out how this affects your confidence in personal and business relationships and stops you from reaching your full potential.
Learn about a breakthrough technique which eliminates these barriers
and enables you to go after your dreams. You will learn how to gain more Life Force to achieve your goals with confidence.

This includes:
*The actual source of insecurities and self - doubt
*How past traumatic experiences can affect your current decisions
and your appreciation for life and others
* How painful emotions can be overcome

Come to this Meetup. Along with regular members we welcome people
new in town. Everyone can benefit from this knowledge including those
wanting to achieve business and personal goals and successful entrepreneurship.

Our events are usually held at the Dianetics and Scientology Life Improvement Center but are currently held virtually.

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