Ethereum Blockchain Monthly Meetup


Every 1st Saturday of the month

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Blockchain is ever evolving and hence its almost impossible for a person or organization to keep update on everything happening in this space.

This series of meetups is a unique in a way that there won't be one person talking but everyone can bring something that they have learnt in the last one month, bring any questions, concerns, suggestions etc., so that the community can vet your ideas or concerns and iron out things. Once we meet for a couple of times, and that we have consistent show ups, we can plan further how to go from there on.

We will setup our goals through the Nov 3rd 2018 meetup. Feel free to fork this meetup repo, add anything that you want to discuss in the meeting and place a pull request.

Any suggestions are most welcome. :)

Jan 5th Meetup Details & Agenda

1. Ethereum BeigePaper:
2. Go over the first chapter of Mastering Ethereum:
3. Ethereum Meta Transactions
4. Truffle Version 5 Changes:
5. Solidity Assembly Level Language
6. Exploring experimental ABOEncoderV2 for advanced and experimental features in Solidity through using Yul
7. Storage vs Memory vs Calldata vs Stack

Github link for Minutes of Meeting: