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This is the perfect meeting place for we all indians,be it for social networking or for somebody who wants to enjoy a weekend beyond just plain dining out as most of our meetups are laced with live music or karaoke singing and members just enjoy the vibrant and charged up atphosphere during the meetups.Most of the times the meetups are organized at the places where our members can chill out by having a drink or two or just take to dance floor to enjoy a completely satisfying evening.For the members who love outdoors we also conduct a day out picnics/outings once in a month and plans are also on to have small 3-4 days excursions/retreats once in 3-6 months during off season period when the discounts and attractive offers are plenty from travel agents /goverment institutions/or other cultural & spiritual organisations. NORMAL ACTIVITIES OF THE GROUP 1-ATTEND MUSICAL CONCERTS/KNOCK OUT BOLLYWOOD MOVIE SCREENINGS WHICH IS GENERALLY FOLLOWED BY A DINNER AT A NEAR BY PLACE. 2-CONDUCT KARAOKE OR LIVE MUSIC SHOWS WHERE MEMBERS CAN SING THEMSELVES IF THEY SO DESIRE OR JUST TAKE TO THE DANCE FLOOR ,THIS IS GENERALLY FOLLOWED WITH A DINNER AT THE SAME PLACE.ON AN AVERAGE WE CONDUCT ONE OR TWO SUCH EVENTS IN A MONTH. 3-DINING OUT/SOCIALIZING/MAKING NEW CONTACTS /FRIENDS OVER A LUNCH OR DINNER AT A REAL HAPPENING PLACE OR SOME PICNIC SPOT IN THE CITY WHERE WE MAKE ARRANGEMENTS WITH OUR OWN FOOD OR SOMETIMES MEMBERS JOINTLY ARRANGE FOR A POTLUCK AND ENJOY THE HOME MADE FOOD IN NATURAL SURROUNDINGS. 4-ARRANGING SMALL DAYOUT OUTINGS /PICNICS/ADVENTURE TREKS TO NEARBY PICNIC SPOTS/HOLIDAY RESORTS/OR OTHER HAPPENING PLACES IN NEARBY STATES/CITIES (within100-200 miles) ONCE IN A MONTH.THIS IS GENERALLY DONE ON WEEKENDS AND NOW THE PLANS ARE ON TO CONDUCT 3-4 DAYS EXCURSIONS/RETREATS ,THIS WILL BE DONE ONCE IN 3-6 MONTHS WHEN IT IS A OFF SEASON PERIOD AND DISCOUNTS AND ATTRACTIVE OFFERS ARE APLENTY FROM THE TRAVEL AGENTS /GOVERMENT ORGANISATIONS/OTHER CULTURAL /SPIRITUAL ORGANISATIONS. Besides the above recreational activities we also encourage the meetings of both young and senior members especially during the outdoor meetings and family get togethers to understand the cultural legacy we have inherited and connect with our heritage and our indian roots..This is specially neccessary for the young indians who have grown and been brought up in american culture since thier chilhood and who are completely cut off from our indian roots and culture.

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