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Indian Startups, a 30,000+ member community, focused on entrepreneurship and startups aims to build the Startup Ecosystem with key stake holders and partners. If you are a trainer and wish to impart training in any of the fields relevant to entrepreneuras, please reach out to us.

The following are some of our active areas of interest for training

- Website Designing and Development Trainers
- Android & iOS Trainers
- Business Plan Writing Trainers
- Startup Trainers
- Technology Trainers ( IT Trainers in E-Commerce /.NET / PHP / HTML / etc)
- Sales and Marketing Trainers
- Startup Financial Trainers
- Trainers for Content Management
- Trainers on Accounting & Book Keeping for startups

-Social media

- Startup Journalism Training

- Any area that is of interest to startups

About Indian Startups

Indian Startups, a 30000+ member community, is a startup ecosystem bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and partners throughout India and across the globe to help nurture, nourish and empower new and growing startups.

Indian Startups aims to primarily make entrepreneurship affordable for every deserving entrepreneur regardless of financial status and geographical location. We wish to reach out to even remote cities & towns where not many organizations have ventured to extend startup help. We strive to nurture & nourish a great idea where ever it emanates and help it to see the light of the day.

We believe, entrepreneurs are rich in Ideas and poor in cash and hence we try to make our events free for the entrepreneurs. We conduct 100s of free events all across the nation and overseas.

Indian Startups community is a volunteer run Eco-system and has 100s of volunteers all across the nation and overseas.

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