Emotional Intelligence for Entrepreneurs

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) accounts for a whopping 80% of your success and is the #1 indicator of entrepreneurial success too! This is why, as an entrepreneur, you as an individual play a vital role in how your venture performs. In light of the increasing evidence surrounding the vital role that emotions play in facilitating the success of emerging ventures, savvy entrepreneurs may find it beneficial to begin enhancing their capacity to understand and manage both their own emotions as well as the emotions of others.

Here’s how developing your emotional intelligence will help you become a more successful entrepreneur. You can:
• Remain calm under pressure
• Resolve conflicts effectively
• Lead by example
• Be more empathetic towards your employees
• Persist through challenging situations

This workshop will show you how you can develop your emotional intelligence through the concepts of neuroscience and how it can help transform your entrepreneurial journey.

What will you gain?
• Understanding of how emotional intelligence and your entrepreneurial journey are inter-connected.
• Qualities that make an emotionally intelligent and successful entrepreneur
• Actionable insights into how neuroscience will help you achieve your goals
• Self-reflection of where you stand and a personalised solution to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey

Did we mention that it is completely free? We have limited seating. To register, please click the link- https://goo.gl/forms/DIHd4GWsYEt0xbze2

You can do this prior to the workshop:

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2. Use the app prior to attending the workshop as it will provide you with accurate insights about who you are as an individual. The results from the app will form a base for the workshop!