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Tropest New York, Short Films

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Outdoor screening of some great new short films. Tropfest is based in Austrailia, where it is a huge national event.

Every Tropfest film must somehow contain that event's "signature item." This year it's a bagel!

As of now, this is not a meetup.

Follow the link above to reserve your space!

This will be the fourth Tropfest event in New York. Here are the signature items from previous years.

2006 - a manhole cover

2007 - a slice

2008 - a sunflower

Here's one of my favorites from 2006.

From 2007

and one from 2008.

Here's one from Australia.

Tropfest Featured Films Do you want to learn how to hurt people?

Directed by Mike Sharman & Andrew Tomazos
Tropfest Australia

ina and Daniel are madly in love. They arrange to meet for lunch at the cafe where they first met — each armed with exciting “news”.

Directed by Luke Shanahan
Tropfest Australia

A cop’s hunt for clues becomes much more than routine as his search reveals a devastating truth…

Directed by Catherine McVeigh
Tropfest Australia 2005

What if you woke up one morning and your neighbourhood had been overrun by baboons? What if there was nothing you could do and nowhere you could hide?

Directed by Cameron Edser & Michael Richards
Tropfest Australia

Is life something that happens to everyone else?

Directed by Gareth Davies & Damon Gameau
Tropfest Australia

A trembling matchbox, cigarette and deranged man form the key to the Arsonist’s riddle.

Directed by Ben West
Tropfest Australia

A secret rendezvous. A loaded gun. A most unexpected arrival. Nobody said it was easy offing your best mate. Beware the thoughts of ordinary evil men.

Directed by Frazer Bailey

Tropfest Australia
Finalist 2006

A young man suffering from ‘total colour-blindness’ has the opportunity to see three colours: Red, Green and Blue – but only one at a time.

Directed by Kailas Prasannan
Movie Extra Tropfest Australia Finalist 2012
TSI “Light Bulb”

Little girl likes little boy. Little boy likes BMX bike. Something has to give.

Directed by Michelle Lehman
Tropfest Australia
2008 Winner

Damien has done something he shouldn’t have – he’s about to face the toughest question of his life.

Directed by Gary Eck
Tropfest Australia
2004 Winner

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