#HACK 2019

Indigitous SG - Jesus's Disciples in the Digital Space
Indigitous SG - Jesus's Disciples in the Digital Space
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Imagine a world where the fullness of technology is used to bring impact to wherever people are - on every screen. With willing hearts and our God-given skills, we can advance His Kingdom in the digital space.

Join us for the 4th edition of #HACK from 4-6 October 2019 (Friday - Sunday) as we come together to ideate and create solutions to various challenges on innovation and social issues.

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Challenge #1
The Sharing Economy. The Sharing Church.

Imagine a repository of Christian resources that can be shared and used for God any time. How can we share what we have with one another?
Churches and missional organisations can then focus on people, where we can value people for who they truly are.

Sharing could be about:
a) Events, Venues, Amenities

b) Collaborative Devotions, Bible-Reading Plans, Christian Materials, Commentaries such as Church History, Life of Jesus, etc.

c) People for Missions: Connecting like-minded people for various Christian Projects (NGOs and VWOs such as Tamar Village, Focus on the Family, etc)

d) Data Repository: For digital strategy, data is important. How can we get aggregated sources of data that will help us measure the various diverse solutions? Accurate sources of data are required to make accurate assessments of the challenges faced in the ministry, in order to create the most impact.

e) Funds Transparency: How can we help missionaries establish accountability through blockchain or other technology? How can we spread fairly the distribution of missional funds? For example, when we sponsor a discipleship training material from IDMC to another young church plant in Mongolia, we would be able to know where the money is going to and what it is used for.

e) Others (feel free to ideate and discuss)

Challenge #2
Loving Our Strangers [Migrant x Me]

In 2018, there were close to 1 million work permit foreign workers that contributed to building Singapore. Many of them work in industries and jobs that Singaporeans shun away from, such as construction, cleaning and marine shipyards. Because of their hazardous jobs, Workplace injuries are common.

How can we prevent injured migrant workers from being exploited by lawyers and employers, due to their lack of accessibility, awareness and understanding of the law?

Challenge #3
Healing is Children's Bread

Cebu City is Philippines's second most populated city. There are many families here who live in informal settlements and struggle to meet their daily basic needs. Many of them are in large families with many children, but there's only one primary caregiver (or none) who is the sole breadwinner, albeit a meagre one.

Malnutrition among children in the slums is high, not only because nutritious food isn't always affordable, but also because of a lack of knowledge about nutrition. Children are susceptible to ill health and endemic diseases. Travelling to medical institutions is time-consuming and tiring. The time spent waiting for a medical appointment, rather than working presents a huge opportunity cost. The cost of medical services and medicines is also beyond what most families can afford.

Challenge #4
A Billion to Reach Billions [Antioch for Asia]

Because Singapore has been blessed to be a blessing. We need to steward what God has given us as a nation to rise up to the call of being the Antioch of Asia.
But the narrative of the traditional mission needs to be disrupted and Christians need to realise that they have something in their hands which they can lay down before the Lord of the Harvest to take the gospel through the ends of the earth. Within a 3 hour flight from Singapore are 317m people in 701 Unreached People Groups (UPGs). Within a 7 hour flight time 2.7billions in 5431 UPGs.

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Indigitous #HACK is a global missional hackathon happening in over 30 cities across the world. Join us 4-6 Oct 2019 (Friday-Sunday)