#HACK AFTERGLOW: A Thanksgiving Story


Indigitous #HACK AfterGlow: A Thanksgiving Story

"AfterGlow" - 'good feelings remaining after a pleasurable or successful experience'. (Google Dictionary)

#HACK 2019 was a good experience worth living again as we remember how the Lord was in our midst as we HACKed for His Kingdom over the weekend.

Join us for the AfterGlow to celebrate what God had done at the recent #HACK 2019. Hear stories from one another about what God did in 2019 through our regular community meet-ups at #TRIBE, #SPARK and #BREAKOUT.

Opening Worship
Report of Indigitous SG and #Hack for 2019
Human Library - Personal Stories
Peek into Indigitous SG 2020
Closing Worship
"Makan" & Fellowship!!!

Of course, we can't celebrate without food! Let's party together with ice cream and finger foods! All are welcome!

We encourage you to invite your friends or staff of your church whom you think would love to be part of the community or meet other believers working in the digital/tech space.

Indigitous Community,
Reggie Ng

PS: Indigitous is a global community of Christ-followers who desire to use their talents for God in the digital space. Visit www.indigitous.sg or www.indigitous.org to find out more.