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"The Grapes of Death" (1978) and "The Living Dead Girl" (1982) at Gary's
WARNING: Neither of these films has an NPAA rating, but they contain graphic violence, nudity, and sexual situations. Hey everyone, we'll be seeing two cult-classics from director Jean Rollin. Feel free to bring a drink or a snack to share. We'll order some pizzas between the films. In "The Grapes of Death",a vacation with a friend turns into a nightmare when a young woman finds herself being chased by zombies. She finds shelter in a village, but it's inhabitants are slowing turning into zombies as well! Does the local winery contain the secret of this hellish transformation? "The living Dead Girl" is the story of Catherine Valmont (Francoise Blanchard), a young woman who dies before her time. She is resurrected by toxic waste stored near her crypt. "The Living Dead Girl" then goes on a killing spree. Does her best friend Helene hold the key to stopping her rampage? Hope to see you there!

Gary's house

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