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Being an Effective Omega Tester

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James Bach wrote an article for STP Magazine ( about being effective when you're an omega tester, or the only tester on a project or in a company. We have a number of omega testers in the community, and it would be great to get together to share experiences, tools, and techniques. In a past workshop, Jason Horn talked ( a bit about his views and experiences on the topic.

Possible topics include:

Experiences and techniques balancing risk, coverage, and time Experiences and techniques negotiation, prioritizing, and planning work Collaborating with others in the company to get more testing done than you can accomplish on your own Finding tools and templates to help increase test velocity etc... NOTE: In your RSVP, be sure you list what lightning talk(s) you'd like to give at the meeting. If we don't see one, we will reach out directly to help you come up with an idea. You will need one to participate - it doesn't need to be fancy. We just want everyone to participate in some small way.

Lightning Talk Format For the lightning talk format, every participant has to come prepared with at least one 5 minute lightning talk focused on the theme of the workshop. If there's not formal theme planned, it can be on any topic in software testing. Each presenter will have 5 minutes for each talk. You can use slides if you like, or you can demo something live, or you can just get up and talk. After each talk, we'll leave another five minutes for questions. Then we move on. Each speaker will get ten minutes total. With permission, talks will be recorded for podcast.

More information on the format can be found on the IWST website (