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Do Otaku Dream of Electric Sheep?

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Do Otaku Dream of Electric Sheep?

It would be safe to say that Karl F. MacDorman the head of the Android Studies department at IUPUI (the only such program in America) is one of the foremost experts in the field of robotics and in how to integrate them seamlessly into society. He is working to bridge the gap between robots and humans and to both allay and study the fear and apprehension we associate with robotic science. He has also published a paper that challenges the assumption that the Japanese are more amiable towards the idea of robots integrated into society despite their prevalence there. In the end it proves to be a human condition and dilemma more than just a national perception. This is where our title comes from, Do Otaku Dream of Electric Sheep?

We will of course be showing some classic titles of the Mecha genre. Showcasing the dueling ideals of humanities interaction with robots and the integration of robotic technology into the human body: cybernetics, exo suits, bipedal mobile suits, androids, and human consciousness implanted in cybernetic bodies. There is such a wealth of futuristic visions to draw from with complex narratives, beautiful imagery, and nonstop action and suspense. (hint Mamoro Oshii is behind them ^-^) A question and answer session will accompany the discussion after the films, for a true blending of science fiction and scientific fact.


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