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Indy Underground iGo Salon

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We are hosting this at GameWorks arcade in their newly renovated event spaces on the top floor of Circle Centre Mall downtown, the same place we have our anime screenings every month. I have a board and stones I'll be bringing, we shold be able to procure more sets so that we can have individual games going as well. I'll be using the one I have to teach the basic rules of iGo and doing tsumego problems (life & death, 'next move', etc) for everyone who's just starting out. ^_^

We're hoping to have a lot more swag from a few new 'connections' we've made to distribution companies and possibly from the American Go Association (AGA). We'll at the very least be showing clips from the "Hikaru no Go" anime up on the screen, if not entire episodes, but we're still working out the details on screening rights and such.

Go really is an amazing game, simple to learn the rules for but incredibly difficult to gain real proficiency at (think chess, but ten times more complex). The difficulty makes it a very rewarding experience though, and even more entertaining, so I hope that everyone gives it a shot!

Remember, beginners and people who know nothing at all about the game are entirely welcome! Here are a few websites that may help prepare for the meetup if you're not well-versed in the game.

The Interactive Way to Go ( (Instructions for beginners)
IgoWin ( (Easy 9x9 practice program, free download)
Sensei's Library ( (Instructions / Strategy past the beginner level)
Yahoo! Go ( (Online Go Server)
KGS ( (Online Go Server)

I hope these help, but if you have any questions about the game, or want someone to practice with feel free to contact me (Lysander), I'm always up for a game or two ^_^