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I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a group hang trip with hammock. Let's coordinate!

The trailhead is on Crooked Creek Road.
The road is found about 5 miles West of Nashville on 46. Crooked Creek Road goes South from 46. 3 or 4 miles down the road you come to Crooked Creek Lake on the left. Our trailhead is found another mile south on the road on the left. (you will go from gravel to pavement,and back to gravel before the trail head on the left.(6-8 cars) If we need to park on the road pull off as far as possible and stay on the same side. The parking area is called the Tecumseh Trailhead
Handicapped Accessible Parking Lot.
Once at the parking area the Tecumseh Trail heads East and South East.(At the NE corner of the lot is the trail,or you can take the quicker route up the rocky road,it's steep,and will knock off about 10 to 15 min.)
Take the trail to the end of the Tecumseh which ends in Panther Creek from the lot the trail is a couple miles long. On the trail there is one Y. At the Y take the left trail going down into Panther Creek.keep an eye out for the white trail blaze markings. The double blaze marks indicate a change in direction,and route of the trail.Follow them. Once you get to Panther Creek you will see a sign that says End of Tecumseh Trail,go downstream, (right) for a couple minutes. There will be a steep ridge to your right,camp will be in the clearing on the left. There is a nice fire pit there. Again the key is following the single,and double white blaze marks.

Camp site coordinates:
N 39,06.327
W 086,17.591

Rough Parking lot coord.
N 39,06.547
W 086,18.704


  • Buck

    So I wasn't the only one....:)

    4 years ago
  • Former member

    Former member

    Who was it?

    4 years ago
  • Ron W.

    I had a great time and learned of another hidden gem in the HNF. As I was hiking out I took the Tecumseh trail instead of the steep hill. I past a couple of folks in hammocks that said they were trying to find us the night before. They had given us and setup camp.

    4 years ago