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Origins - Smithee Awards XVIII: Full Groan

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The 18th Annual Smithee Awards.. 8pm Friday in Ballroom 3 and VOTE for your favorite Bad Movie clip in each of 19 outrageous categories! Shane and I will both be there!

A's for the Aliens' world-wrecking plans;
B is for Bigfoot, who drags folds from vans;
Our friend Chapucabra will wrestle some goats;
While Demons and Devlis are ripping out throats;
E is for Emperors, Evil or otherwise;
And F stands for Frankenstein, Drac, and those other guys;
Goblins, Ghosts, Gremlins, Godzilla and Gamera;
H is for Hellspawn that drool on the camera;
I is for Incubus, "starriing" Bill Shatner;
And each Japanese Monster's a Tokyo-flattener;
There's Killer Kung Fu Masters, centuries old;
And L's for the Leprechaun, lusting for gold;
M, for the Monster that's pregnant and spawns;
N's for the Ninjas who hide in our lawns;
Oh! Why did that Octopus have to explode?!
And are Psychos at ever camp, campus, and road?
Q is for witch Queens with mystical powers;
R is for R-Rated Robots in showers;
S is for Satan (who wins in the end);
T's for the Troll who's that kid's "bestest friend;"
U - Undead plots uneplinabley vague
Like the Virus that started that Vampire plague;
Witches and Werewolves all love their full moons;
X is for Xenomorphs (shapshifting goons);
Y is for Yeti, a cousin of Sasquatch;
And Z? Why, it's Zombies!

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