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A Walk Through Middle Earth and Maybe Games!

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Sorry for the short notice. This is my new Meet Up group for promoting healthier life styles through geeky exercise! You don't have to join my group, unless you want to. I will be posting the events here as well, since it is geeky/gamer related.

Come join us on a journey of smiting dragons, battling Orcs, Goblins, and Trolls, and better health! We will meet regularly to walk, run, or hike our way through Middle Earth, logging our distance and tracking our progress as we go. We'll have some fun, too, celebrating as we reach different milestones along the way. The primary purpose of these walks is to encourage each other and keep each other accountable in our exercise and weight loss goals through tracking our progress in a fun way. Dues will go towards covering maintenance fees for the group, victory parties/outings, and sometimes food for our hikes. We will meet on a weekly basis to do our walks and dues will be 5.00 a month. If you can't pay, let us know. It is not a big deal. We don't want people to not join us, due to inability to pay the monthly fee. That is why we made it fairly cheap and just a monthly payment. We are not collecting a fee for this upcoming event.

Starting a new journey is never easy. It took a lot of convincing and encouragement from Gandalf to get Bilbo out of the door to start his adventure. As Gandalf said to Frodo in Lord Of the Rings, "All I did was give your Uncle a little nudge out of the door," that is what I am here for! We, like Bilbo, get comfortable with life, and when a challenge or new journey comes our way, we are afraid of the change or journey, and want to stay in our little hobbit hole, because it is comfortable. I am your Gandalf, and I am here to give you a little nudge out of the door and help you get started on the journey! We will be walking about 2 miles. We will start off walking at slow leisurely pace and work our way to a faster pace in the next couple of months. For our first meeting we will be getting to know each other, and finding out how we can support each other and be accountable to each other. if the weather is bad, we will meet at my house and just walk in place and if you want, you can stay and play games after. We own about 300 board games! We will be serving healthy food and drink after our walk courtesy of Green Geek Health. We will be meeting in the parking lot by the play ground. I will be wearing a name tag.


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