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    Hi I'm Katie just starting out as a freelance Illustrator and Comic Book Colorist. I hope to meet awesome people and gain a network of great friends. ~Ksilvs
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    Hi, my name is John Graham and I am a writer and self publisher of Comic Books and Books. My website is www.FIGIDPress.com, where you can learn about my projects and services I provide. I am the promoter of the local INDYpendent Show.
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    Graphic design pays my bills. Making comics and working the d20 keeps me happy.
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    Whats the interweb?
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    Comics are my life... unless my job, or chores, or bills, or other really important things get in the way.
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    Writer of Little Guardians. Www.littleguardianscomic.com
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    Artist of Little Guardians www.littleguardianscomic.com