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For people that share deeper connections and similarities in their Introverted, Intuitive, calm, curious, reflective and/or slightly quirky style. Though there are MBTI personalities in the group title, we will not exclude you for having a different type. ;)

This group is meant to serve two main clusters of people:

1. INTROVERTS or those with "INTROVERTED/INNER FOCUSED" attitudes and energies. People who do not thrive in louder, presentational, performative or highly engaging settings. People who enjoy a calm, quiet, laid back chat and environment and are not put off by quiet moments. People who are more interested in the depth or reflection of their ideas and enjoy that in others too. If you want to sit and just listen, that's great. If you want to listen and pose ideas to explore in the group, as weird and wonderful as they may be, that's great too. Introverts tend to value a genuine nature or "rawness" to their interactions with others and this group seeks to hold a space for that. You can be yourself without any "extraverted showmanship". We didn't come to judge. ;) You don't have to be a "church mouse", we do welcome all new ideas, but the group does want to offer a space for people who want a casual place for more "Introverted/Inner focused" vibes to be expressed freely and comfortably for everyone in the group.

2. INTUITIVES which typically means that you scored "INxx" or "ENxx" as your lead in Myers Briggs Personality Test. But, Intuitive means that you enjoy working with concepts, ideas, observations and are explorative with them or enjoy creating new meanings and purposes for them. This often leads to topics of interest in deeper meanings, foreseeing results, hypothetical scenarios, observations on social or human experience, biology or health, philosophy, spirituality, engineering, psychology or mental health or really any domain where you can take a topic, dissect it and build it with other people and see where the exploration takes you. Intuition works with symbolism, metaphors and deeper meaning to what is at the surface of things. It can be about everyday life or academics. We usually cycle through a whole variety of topics since most group members enjoy considering all things in deeper ways.

This Meetup group pulls inspiration from Susan Cain's book "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a world that can't stop talking" and values the concept of "Quiet People", being people that are more at home in a shared environment that is not asking them to be "on" or very externally engaged all the time. People who value a shared environment where they can be less talkative or speak in a reflective and curious way, or are comforted by a no-pressure, relaxed conversation where you don't HAVE TO "share with the class" if you don't want to. But you DO share ideas that the busier environments and people may neglect in your life. You are welcome to share ideas in your natural introverted/calm/reflective energy style whether you are on-paper an Introverted or Extraverted Personality Type.

If you have a hard time fitting in with or feeling connected in typical social circles, are tired of the general small talk most people indulge in, and are craving more meaningful discussions and interactions, then this is the group for you. If you are not very familiar with the MBTI personality typing, you can check out the test here:


You can expect:

Insightful discussions, thought-out and truthful responses, open and honest interactions. People who generally enjoy deeper connections with others, and feel rather depleted with small talk, shallow topics and big group/noisy environments where genuine personal engagement with one another is limited.

Smaller groups, more meaningful interactions are to be expected, with conversations meant to foster everything listed above!

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*A bit more on Introverts: (Most Introverted attitude people are more than one of the below)

4 Types of Introverts:

Social: Prefers small group or content with no group. Don't particularly experience high anxiety with groups, but prefer to be alone mostly with their own thoughts, projects, close relationships. Prefer small gatherings. Do not experience much shyness and simply prefer more meaningful small group experiences. Will become burdened by noisy or high activity events.

Thinking: Introspective, self-reflective and often caught up in the ideas, imagination and creativity of their own thoughts. Analytical and spend a great deal of time on trying to understand Self and the larger world. Needs time after events and social experiences to reflect alone and fully collect or explore their thoughts. Can get very lost in thought and easily neglect the activity around them.

Anxious: Feel awkward socially and seek solitude and alone time to escape uncomfortable social experience. May lack confidence or feel 'out-of-sorts' in typical social situations. The result is an anxiety in social settings, particularly larger group. Tend to ruminate over ideas. Do not enjoy being put on the spot. Do not like unfamiliar environments. May still have anxiety when alone and brood over ideas or events that have already/will happen. Generally embarrassed or uncomfortable with their social skills style/level.

Restrained: Like to think deeply before speaking, to formulate their ideas, wording and perspectives before sharing them with the outer world. Want to gather your thoughts and observe for long period before deciding how to engage socially. Tend to have lower energy- styles, be a careful person and slow to get started on things. Don't want to spontaneously be brought into social settings.

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