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The focus of Reiki is to enhance the flow of energy through and around a client's body, enhancing the health and well-being of the person on every level - mind, body and spirit. This group is for anyone newly involved with Reiki and for those who have experience with Reiki. It is for those seekers who wish to learn more about the amazing healing health benefits of Reiki, as well as those Reiki workers who wish to practice in a monthly Reiki circle. This group will be led by Reiki Master Jacquie Freeman who has studied with Usui Reiki for several years having obtained Level 1, Level 2 and Reiki Master Level. Jacquie has been blessed with very intuitive, compassionate and spiritual insights. Jacquie's career spanned 29 years as an Elementary School Counselor and kindergarten teacher and she is able to explain Reiki in a well informed, common sense and practical manner! It is an amazing alternative health practice that is highly regarded. She has had amazing and wonderful responses to client's health through the offering of Usui Reiki to clients. We offer Reiki workshops, lessons, attunements for Level 1 and Level 2 and Reiki healing sessions. We honour and respect this amazing healing energy and it is available to anyone who wishes or desires it after receiving proper attunements. We believe that Reiki can only be used for the betterment of others and we believe it is an amzing energy made available to each of us through proper attunements. Our group will be made up of those who have compassionate hearts who wish to help bring more abundant health to those around them and also to themselves. Group members may have varying degrees of experience with Reiki and will have opportunities to delve deeper into their practice through more exploration of Reiki levels 1 and levels 2 and eventually Master Level courses. A monthly Reiki circle provides more hands-on experience and practice for all practitioners in a home filled with light and love. Namaste!

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Join the Autumn 10 Day Reiki/Meditation Challenge

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# ALL IN FOR TEN DAY CHALLENGE. First day is 9/20/22 at 19 am. Zoom link will be emailed or posted privately.

Challenge: 10 Day journey of commitment to our best selves that includes meditations, (both guided and silent), and gaining much more clarity, happiness and confidence!

Welcome in Autumn by establishing and/or return to Daily Rituals. We will have fun together during this challenge for 10 days! Are you in?!
I hope so! I've made is super affordable! So grab a journal you can write in and sign up. Our Reiki community is a great way to live our best lives and help one another!

Maybe you've been wanting to start a daily practice of meditation, gratitude and movement but have just not gotten around to it yet. Well, consider this your ROUNDTOIT!

With the coming of the new season, it's a great time to challenge ourselves to do daily meditation, reiki, positive intention, and gratitudes! In 10 Days you'll be surprised how much better you feel emotionally, mentally and spiritually!

During our 10 Days Together:
10 AM (PST) on Facebook

*10 minute Guided Meditation Daily. Join me live or watch the recording and I will lead you through a variety of meditations.

*Recite the Reiki Precepts Daily. You can recite as you listen to me say them and have the intention to be peaceful, calm, honest, appreciative and self nurturing and kind.

These are the Reiki Precepts:
"Just for today, I will not be angry
I will not worry
I do my work honestly and have integrity
I have gratitude
I am kind to myself and to others"

*Journal 10 Gratitudes each day during our time together. This has been proven to shift our mood and bring much more appreciation and joy.

*Health Intention During 10 Days:
Commit to NO junk food during 10 days (Eat only Clean, healthy meals)

10+ glasses of water each day (half your body weight in

*On your own during each of the 10 Days take the time to have a silent meditation in addition to the meditation with me each morning

*On your own daily be aware and do an additional 10 Minutes of activity to your regular routine. 10 extra minutes might be spent walking, running, cycling, yoga, QiGone, or any movement that you choose. The 10 extra minutes x 10 days will equal an extra 100 minutes of movement!
Little steps make big progress over time.

*Accountability: Daily Check in, in the private facebook group and say "Done"

*HOMEWORK: COLLECT AND LOOK FOR MIRACLES EACH DAY. This manifesting each day will be a delight for each one of us doing the challenge. I'll explain in our private facebook group, in more detail, how we will do this - but it is truly beautiful and you will want to continue this (and all these activities)! Perhaps we shall convene each season to have these 10 days together!

We will meet up on Facebook each day at 10 am, starting September 21 through September 30th, 2022. Plan on spending about 20 to 30 minutes together each day. (recordings will be posted in the private facebook group.)

REIKI LEVEL 2 Practitioner Training and Certification

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The Reiki 2 training is in-depth, deep, meditative and teaches you how to send Reiki long distance and how to use a total of 3 Reiki symbols. You'll learn the powerful DISTANCE REIKI symbol and how to conduct a distance Reiki session and learn techniques enabling you to help yourself or a client to achieve a particular goal You also learn how to remedy the past and how to help your goals in the future! The DISTANCE REIKI symbol is a phenomenal symbol to be able to help with past, present and future.

You will learn how to send Reiki via distance. The client does not even need to be in your presence for you to send them Reiki. Does this seem hard to understand? Think of prayer. Do you need the person in the room to pray for them? No, of course not. Reiki is from Source/God/the Universe. You learn how to harness this healing energy with intention and you will learn how to send it to recipients that are not even in your presence. Distance Reiki is a miraculous healing tool to learn!

You will also have a very special and deep, led meditation to help you connect to your Spirit Guide or Higher Power.

We will also discuss Pendulums, crystals, Beeja mantras, Essential Oils, ORACLE CARDS, and Tibetan or Crystal singing bowls in your practice. We will also cover how to send Reiki remotely to pets!

After you become attuned to Reiki Level 2, your Reiki is becoming more and more a part of your every day existence; and your psychic impressions will become much more deep the more you practice daily!

This class is a prerequisite to becoming a Reiki Master/Instructor, along with 6 months of practice before even considering moving on to Reiki Master level.

Once you attend one of my Reiki classes you are able to attend that very same Reiki class level for the rest of your life, at no further charge!

There will be a one hour break for lunch at Noon. All times are Pacific Standard Time.

A Distance share is offered between Jacquie and you - you can practice sending her distance Reiki; and she will reciprocate with sending you distance Reiki!
A full notebook is mailed via U.S. mail directly to your home address. (a $60 value. Duplicates are available for $55 plus shipping. First one included in class)
Please Venmo Jacquie-Freeman to secure your spot or RSVP using the link here on our Meetup. Class will have only 5 - so secure your spot. Class is small to secure personal attention and also the time involved for each of the Reiki Level 2 attunements which you will receive.

See you soon for this amazing step on your Reiki journey!

REIKI MASTER Level 3, & Reiki Master Instructor combination, 2 Day Training

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Take your Reiki to an incredible level! This level is for those who want to advance their Reiki personally and perhaps, even professionally as the class is a combination class teaching the Reiki Master Level 3, all Master Symbols at this level as well as teaching how to teach, the instructor level.

Class size limited to 4 students. This class will be taught on-line on Zoom.

Prerequisites: Reiki Level 1 AND Level 2 and you have at least 4 to 6 months since Reiki 2.


Saturday, from 10 am to 4 pm
Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm
We will break for lunch each day for one hour (approx at noon)


During the course you will learn the Reiki Master Symbols and advanced techniques to take your Reiki practice to Master level!
These symbols will enhance and power up your Reiki in combination with your previous learned symbols.

At this level you now make Reiki a part of your every day life, daily self-Reiki and a way of "being" connected with Source/God Energy all the time. You move into discovering more about the mysteries of life. How you relate to yourself and the universe. This can be practiced for the rest of your life and is always a personal practice which can develop into a professional teaching practice, if you so desire. When the Master Level is completed, Reiki becomes an integral part of your life.


Jacquie has been teaching Reiki over a decade and has been a practitioner since the 1990's. She is a Master Teacher and has taught hundreds of students and has a strong following on-line as well as in person.

This level allows for an intensive shift in "light" holding capacity, heightened access to your spiritual intelligence and awareness.
The Reiki Master level and Reiki Master Instructor level allows you to share the gift of Reiki through attunement and if you choose to teach, will also expand through training others. Major life changes can occur when you receive this powerful attunement.

*includes a review of Level 2

*includes 10+ hours of training

*Includes Attunement to Master Level 3 & also Master Instructor

*Full course manual mailed before class begins

*Advanced techniques and hand positions taught, as well as advanced meditation techniques, Gyoshi-Ho, Reiji-Ho and other methods of connecting more deeply in sending Reiki and giving Reiki.

*You will learn how to teach Reiki workshops for all the levels of Reiki and how to offer attunements for Reiki Level I and Level II and Master Level. In depth training for those who want to practice both personally and professionally.

*Overviews of a full practice including Chakra Toning, bija seed mantras will be taught.

Recommended Reading: Japanese Art of Reiki by Frans Stiene ($9.59 on amazon) and The Inner Heart of Reiki: Rediscovering Your True Self by Frans Stiene. (8.79 on amazon). Kindle and hardcover available. These are excellent reads.

This is a beautiful two day Reiki class. You will receive personal attention and time from me for years to come, whenever you seek it. Our community here at Inland Empire Reiki - Universal Life Force Energy is a wonderful Reiki community! You are in excellent hands, so to speak!
After your training, you may always revisit this Master training at no additional cost.

FOLLOW-UP APPRENTICESHIP OFFERING: There will be limited one-on-one availability to attend Jacquie's three month apprenticeship which includes 6+ advanced reiki workshops, one-on-one consults on zoom with Jacquie once a month, and 3 Distant Reiki session, 3 oracle readings. The apprenticeship starts November 7 through February 1, 2023 and includes lessons on zoom, facebook and has an over abundance/wealth of information for you professionally and personally. It is limited to no more than 12 students in this program. It is only $450. You do not need to sign up for the appenticeship to take the Master Level. It is simply an amazing offering valued separately at $2800. For more information about the apprenticeship please make mention of your desire when you sign up for Reiki Master Level 3 & Reiki Master Instructor Level. The apprenticeship is full each time it has been given and it is an amazing offering for you personally and professionally.

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