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Tuesday Night City Skate

This Meetup is past


(Take note: In the warmer month, this is a well-attended weekly skate. The number of RSVPs has no bearing on event attendance. Skaters will attend who are not members of this Meetup group. However, if you are a member of this meet-up group and plan to attend, I thank you in advance for your RSVP. )

We do a 12 mile route on the streets of Dallas every Tuesday night that weather permits. Bring lights, reflective clothing, water, and proper protective gear. This is not a skate for a beginner. You need to be comfortable going up down curbs, able to adapt to changing road surfaces, and able to keep up. We have National Skate Patrol watching traffic, but you are ultimatly responsible for your own safety.

We meet at 7:45, skate out at 8, and are usually back at the parking lot around 10pm.

If you are not certain you can do this, come to some of the Saturday skates posted on the Pegasus Flyers Inline Skate Club website ( to test your abilities. If you are still not sure, but want to come out anyway, come on, but keep a 20 dollar bill in your pocket in the event you need to take a taxi back to your car. You will not be left alone or behind.

This is a very fun skate.

NOTE: Updates will generally not occur here, if streets are wet with rain or there is a potential for it we generally do not go out.


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