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Join our quest for the search of inner peace and contentment embarking on a journey towards your spiritual destination. We discuss and demonstrate different modalities and techniques like Reiki, Reiki share, Chakra Healing, Mindfulness, Sound healing, Crystal healing etc. for self improvement and enhancement. Learn to incorporate spirituality in your daily life and learn to heal yourself and others in a positive and harmonious environment. A support group of like minded holistic and spiritual explorers and healers meeting together to share their experiences and empower each other.

Each month we invite a member to conduct a mini-workshop to share their experience and enlighten us with tools that we can use for our spiritual growth and are beneficial for optimal well being.

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Women's Circle ~ Healing Series

Inner Sanctuary Wellness


‘The Woman is a Full Circle, within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.’ Come gather in this safe space for women to connect, empower, heal and support self and other; Together we connect, empower, heal: Let’s gather together to awaken the divine feminine spirit within. To explore, To Connect, To Reflect…… It is Time to make a commitment….to Yourself………to Show Up for You….to Stand in your Power Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself? For Yourself? For just once a month? Take a seat in the Circle and Open up to endless possibilities Open your power for Self Confidence, Better Relationships and much more *Guided Meditation * Energy Healing * Mindfulness* Sound Healing* Connect with your Inner Wisdom through Art, Journaling, Story Telling…. 4th Thursday of the Month~ 7:00pm to 8:30pm for 6 months Starting May 23, 2019 Offering: $20 for each circle, $ 120 total All are welcome- bring friends RSVP Required: [masked]

Vedic Astrology - Shape your success by Birth Chart/Horoscope reading (Free)

According to the science of Vedic astrology, planets represent certain energies, and emit certain magnetic and electric fields which influence our lives. Vedic astrology uses the place and time of birth to show the positions of the planets and their relation and influence on our destiny. Gautam Kapur, a well known Vedic Astrologer in Bay Area California will be sharing his expertise and answering one question for everyone. He has been researching and practicing Vedic Astrology since 1989. He has endeavored to showcase Astrology as a Science and you can see all his documented predictions with timelines on his Facebook page ( https://facebook.com/starsandastrology ) or his website (https://starsandastrology.com ). He very recently launched his YouTube channel which can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpvvT_VkLZM This is a Free event. Donations welcome. Space is limited. Kindly RSVP.

Reiki and Chakras (Level 1 Certification)

Inner Sanctuary Wellness


Anyone and everyone can learn this beginners course. Information about Reiki and its history is discussed along with the philosophy and history of Reiki practice, Reiki Precepts and how reiki supports an optimal well being. Although the main reason for Level 1 is for personal use, you are able to give Reiki treatments to family, friends and pets. There are no requirements to join the course other than a desire to be connected to this natural healing energy. Chakras are energy Centers of our body and having in depth knowledge about the chakras can empower your reiki practice. Learn all about the Chakras and the relationship to Reiki. The class size is small and a lot of time is imparted to questions and concerns. Manual and Certification included. $145 Held at the Inner Sanctuary Wellness Studio Pre- Registration and partial payment Required. Paypal to register: paypal.me/monicakamran

Finding Your Song and Healing!

Inner Sanctuary Wellness


Finding Your Song! Singing and toning have been used to heal since the beginning of time. When a child is restless or emotional, a mother often sings or makes reassuring sounds to that child to comfort them - as a natural arising to noticing their distress. There is not much thought process that goes along with it; the arms gently wrap around the child, and the healing sounds/vibrations come through her automatically. We are going to explore the joy and power of healing with “soul” song at our next gathering. A beautiful description of this is excerpted from Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman below: When a woman in one African tribe knows she is pregnant, she goes out into the wilderness with a few friends and together they pray and meditate until they hear the song of the child. They recognize that every soul has its own vibration that expresses its unique flavor and purpose. When the women attune to the song, they sing it out loud. Then they return to the tribe and teach it to everyone else. And when children are born into the village, the community gathers and sings their song, one unique melody for each unique child. Later, when children begin their education, the village gathers and chants each child's song. They sing again when each child passes into the initiation of adulthood, and at the time of marriage. Finally, when the soul is about to pass from this world, the family and friends gather at the bedside, as they did at birth, and they sing the person to the next life. In the African tribe there is one other occasion upon which the Villagers sing to the child: If at any time during a person's life, he or she commits a crime or aberrant social act, that individual is called to stand in the center of a circle formed by all members of the tribe. And once again the villagers chant the child's song. The tribe recognizes that the proper correction for antisocial behavior is not punishment, but love and the remembrance of identity. When you recognize your own song, you have no desire or need to do anything that would hurt another. A friend is someone who knows your song and sings it to you when you have forgotten it. Those who love you are not fooled by the mistakes you have made or the dark images you hold about yourself. They remember your beauty when you feel ugly; your wholeness when you are broken; your innocence when you feel guilty; and your purpose when you are confused. You may not have grown up in an African tribe that sings your song to you at crucial life transitions, but life is always reminding you when you are in tune with yourself and when you are not. When you feel good, what you are doing matches your song, and when you feel awful, it doesn't. In the end, we shall all recognize our song, and we shall sing it well. You may feel a little wobbly at that moment, but so have all the great singers. Just keep singing and you'll find your way home. We will begin with a meditation to expand our hearts and crowns, followed by a clearing of the pathway to our voices. As a group, we will then focus on each individual until their soul song emerges – through us. Guaranteed to be a moving and joyful experience! Even if you have not attended before, feel free to join in the fun and feel the support and power of Community. We look forward to seeing you all. With blessings always! Facilitated by Claudia Scott

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