What we're about

Inno-Native is a gathering of artists, innovators and visionaries to create something new, Indigenous style. Our vision for Inno-Native is to integrate indigenous wisdom in innovation, art and technology by creating a bridge between indigenous world-views and the technology sector so that we may be active agents in change and create the future reality we want to leave as legacy. We are driven by the strength of our ancestors and the power of ancestral wisdom to heal our relations. Our vision is to bring innovative creations into the world. Our hope is to gather as indigenous creators to fulfill the legacy of our ancestors and inspire change.

Inno-Native aims to create space to build community for Indigenous artists & innovators.


We are building Indigenous centered spaces that revolve around ____, _____, _____, ____, ____ and ______.

We invite all Indigenous visionaries of the many diasporas to create with us!

Past events (1)

SNAG Indigenous Marketplace

PLACE - Community Center, Makerspace & Permaculture Site

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