Past Meetup

[CONTRIB] Consensus Algorithms: Paxos / RAFT / Zab / Viewstamped Replication

Price: €5.00 /per person

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This session is on consensus algorithms:

how to best achieve consensus among a set of distributed and unreliable nodes.

- Paxos: family of protocols for reaching consensus among unreliable nodes. Paper 'Paxos made simple' (2001) (

- RAFT (1 contrib): protocol explained, scenarios through MSCs, execution of source code: Paper 'In Search of an Understandable Consensus Algorithm' (

- Zab (1 contrib): atomic broadcast layer and protocol used in Zookeeper. Paper 'Zab: High-performance broadcast for primary-backup systems' (

- Viewstamped Replication (1 contrib): replication technique handling node crash failures: Paper 'VR Revisited' (

We will also go through latest relevant news on HPC.

- 5 euros to attend

- free access to contributors

- 10 seats available - first arrived first served.

How can I contribute?

- by writing some doc (MD or HTML5)

- by providing Linux install scripts (Bash, Python, ..)

- by providing test source code (benchmarks, etc..)

Contribution needed on 'Paxos'.

Can you contribute on this?