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Lawn games and hike at Emily Murphy Park

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There are many definitions of introversion and even more misconceptions. As Meetup’s sole purpose is to be a platform for organizing events for people to get together, it makes sense to focus on this aspect.

Introverts may prefer smaller groups to larger gatherings, deeper conversations to small talk, and more intimate, quiet settings to larger, louder venues. Introverts may be introspective, thoughtful and simply choose a Saturday night at home with books and other solo hobbies, especially as a way to recharge after being out with others.

Members get together for a wide variety of events, such as restaurants, movies, board games, bowling, lectures, discussions of a book or a personality theory, festivals, nature walks and more.

Please don't hesitate to suggest events if you have some ideas.

A few guidelines

• You will be required to select a picture when joining. It doesn’t have to be a photo of yourself. Feel free to use your cat, dog, apple tree, spaceship, taking-over-the-world device, etc.

• There's no need to RSVP 'No' unless you're changing a previous 'Yes'.

• In keeping in line with the “events for people to get together” idea, members who do not visit the group online for six months or do not attend an event for a year may be removed from the group as a form of housekeeping. Such members are welcome and encouraged to rejoin at any time if they expect their schedules to allow for a more active participation.

• Repeated no-shows will be removed from the group. Last-moment RSVP changes might count as a no-show.

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