• Who Wants to investigate Blue Ball Tavern Museum in PA

    Blue Ball Tavern


    William McCroskey was warranted 237 acres, 94 perches, located in Rye Township, Cumberland County, PA, on June 2, 1762. William, his wife Ruth, and children, William Jr. and Elizabeth remained in Carlisle, but they made improvements on the land and rented it out. William died in 1774 without a will and his children were both still minors. On November 20, 1777 the land was offered at Public Sale. The following improvements were listed in the advertisement: house, orchards, and meadows. John Riddle, a carpenter and resident of Rye Township bought the property and owned it from 1777 through 1790. http://historicalsocietyofperrycounty.org/blue-ball-tavern-museum/?fbclid=IwAR1piVevsrOyzB8D41MGk5yLxEgeklki2zSboYOfTW4qn3kLw9Spc4MmCSQ Haunted: down in the Tavern things get moved like there is a deck of cards and sometimes they are spread out on the table sometimes they get turned over. There are bumps and bangs and the sound of things being moved when your sitting there alone. Light being turned on window shades being pulled back when you outside looking at the building. There is also a pair of roller skates in the display case that has a little girl or something that is saying it's a little girl attached to them. The actual address is 59 State Park Rd. Newport, Pa. Need the money by the April meeting. You can pay cash at any of our meetings or by paypal at [masked] paypal fee will be $21.

  • Join Anthony & Deena Holmes Divine Research Society Of Unexplained Phenomena

    Paranormal: The New Normal Fascination with the paranormal is not something that’s on the fringes of society. Dabbling in the paranormal has become a cultural phenomenon evidenced in things like scary movies, psychic consultations, witchcraft, paranormal investigations, and so on. Let’s take a journey back in time to the present day.

  • Let's Investigate the Historic Lookout House

    Historic Lookout House


    The Lookout House just outside of Gettysburg in the beautiful rolling hillside. An Elegant Victorian home awaits you to uncover it's past residents. Built in 1838 it has witnessed both life and death. Explore the many rooms from the basement with the unknown room to the Victorian library, to the top of the house the widows walk. An old school house is also on the property along with many outbuildings. Uncover the past with us! Investigate with us and Stay if you choose. The investigation is $40 per person. You can pay with paypal. Payment must be made by April 5th or you will be removed. We will be leaving after the investigation but you are welcome to stay the night if you want. You must make your reservations. Call for reservations:[masked] Per night Victorian $118 Americana $135 Darb $118

  • Come see Paranormal Inc. Real Ghost Stories and Evidence

    Harry L Cooper VFW Post 160

    Since so many missed this in Feb, we decided to do it again. Come join Ernie Atwell and Dave Siler, as we discuss true events that happened to us and show evidence. This is an interactive with audience participation. • Important to know Paranormal Inc. consists of Ernie Atwell and Dave Siler. We are both former members of The Paranormal Research of Maryland I started investigating the Paranormal on a regular basis in 2004 after continuous research on this field since childhood. In 2000, I encountered a Paranormal occurrence that made me step up my research that much more, which led to the point in my research, where I needed to start Investigating as part of my research. In 2012, I became an investigator with the Paranormal Research of Maryland. In later part of 2015, I recommended Paranormal Investigator and Tech Specialist, Dave Siler to P.RO.M, where he became a team member and Investigator. In late summer of 2017, I decided to step away from P.R.O.M and embark on a Solo Project. In discussions with Dave Siler, Dave decided to step away from the group as well and be the Lead Tech Specialist for the Solo Project This was the start of Paranormal Inc. Our main priority is to help those who are experiencing Paranormal Activity on a personal basis. We look not to only help those clients but help the Spirit World as well. During the attendance of Seminar's , lectures and Expo's , our goal is to educate the public and Paranormal Enthusiasts in the Field of the Spirit World and Paranormal Investigating. Paranormal Inc. is constantly working on and researching new Theories and experiments to validate that the Paranormal does exist.

  • Investigation at the Fauquier old jail museum

    Fauquier Historical Society


    The Fauquier History Museum at the Old Jail is located in the old Fauquier County prison complex which includes two jails; one built in 1808 and the other in 1823. In 1966, the complex was closed and taken over by the Fauquier Historical Society to be used as a history museum. http://fauquierhistory.com/ Visitors to the Fauquier History Museum at the Old Jail experience a wide variety of exhibits. Our displays cover the history of the jails, but also delve into many aspects of Fauquier County history from Pre-Columbian times through the mid twentieth century. There will only be 10 people in each house at one time so we will have to take turns. Will need payment by May meeting. This will be $20 a person in cash, $21 if using paypal to [masked] for up to 20 people.

  • Come meet Jennifer Garcia, Psychic Medium

    Harry L Cooper VFW Post 160

    Jennifer will be talking to us about some of her paranormal experiences. Jennifer Garcia is a Psychic Medium who gave live readings on Mix 107.3 Radio. Jennifer is a Certified Energy Healer and Motivational Speaker. Jennifer is Founder of Spiritual Spectra, a spiritual and holistic healing practice offering services that increase wellness through the mind-body-spirit connection. Her Meditation Circle was featured in the Baltimore Sun. http://SpiritualSpectra.com