London Market SpeedTech - Session 1: Data

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The London Market Innovation Council looks forward to meeting all attendees at the first LMIX SpeedTech event. Data, Innovation and InsurTech representatives from Lloyd's and the London Market will be joined by some great speakers who will give brief presentations and respond to questions.

Robert De-Caux, Logical Glue- real-time predictive analytics - ( Twitter: @Logicalglue

Logical Glue is an award winning software platform for building and deploying predictive models using their proprietary best-of-breed machine learning techniques. Models can be deployed rapidly for real time decision-making and their output can be easily explained, bridging the knowledge gap between data science and the rest of the business. It serves both as a productivity tool for skilled data scientists as well as a means for non-specialists to create highly predictive models out of the box.

Fran Bennett, Mastadon C – open source data analysis platform - . Twitter: @mastodonC

Mastodon C are big data and data science specialists. We apply the latest open source technologies and data science techniques across multiple industries, to unlock the power of data and solve each of our clients' unique problems. We believe that every industry will be revolutionised by the smarter application of data, and the organisations that are fastest to grasp and exploit the power of data are those that get an edge in their market. We believe that the insurance industry has a lot of potential for greater use of data, which is why we’re excited to be involved in this event.

Soundbite: We help our clients put data to work for them, by applying the latest and most effective big data techniques.

Dan Goldenblatt, App Orchid - AI on the internet of everything - ( Twitter: @apporchid

App Orchid creates apps that make the internet of everything think like a human brain. We harness the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing to extract and blend structured and unstructured data from operational databases, the internet of things, and experiential knowledge to provide businesses with actionable information. We enable insurance companies to make use of their big data and obtain a whole new level of accuracy and consistency.

Clifford McDowell, Doorda – aggregating and curating UK open data – ( Twitter: @Doorda

“Currently underwriters rely on internal claims data, Companies House and a lot of Googling to make judgement on risk. With increasing demand for better KYC, the need to record how decisions are arrived at, and pressure on underwriters to make the correct judgement first time this can be demanding and expensive. Doorda addresses this by offering access to auditable data with a 360 view on people, businesses and property via a single platform.”

Oliver Kent-Braham, Yoti – your ID, on your phone – ( Twitter: @getyoti

"We allow consumers to quickly prove who they are to insurers, banks and other regulated companies. Utilising ever improving biometric and NFC technology we let consumers put their ID on to their smartphone, taking ID into the 21st century. Secure, seamless and user friendly Yoti is quickest way for you to onboard new customers."

Aldo Monteforte, The Floow –Data analytics – ( Twitter: @thefloowltd

At The Floow we’re focused on Usage Based Insurance; helping Insurers globally bring telematics to market through a device agnostic platform that provides accurate, predictive scoring - resulting in increased profits, as well as safer and cheaper mobility for all. We have pioneered smartphone as a sensor since 2012 and our telematics app is an industry leader – boasting features including efficient auto start/stop, minimal battery use, severe crash detection and engaging end user services.

Michael Berns, Digital Reasoning – Human like interpretation of data - (

Richard Hartley, Cytora – real-time data of supply chain risks –


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InsTech London, in association with the London Market Innovation Exchange, presents the first in a series of SpeedTech events, designed to give a rapid overview of how different technologies are impacting insurance.

SpeedTech session 1 is around the changing role of data and data analytics in our industry.

A host of forward-thinking companies will give brief overviews of what they are doing, and drive a discussion around the role data has to play in risk management and insurance, given the ever decreasing costs of data capture and storage and ever increasing power of traditional and cognitive computers.

Presenters include:

- Logical Glue - real-time predictive analytics

- Mastodon C - opensource data analysis platform

- App Orchid - revolutionizing Internet of Everything

- Digital Reasoning - human-like interpretation of data

- Cytora - real-time data for supply-chain risks

- Doorda - leading aggregator of UK opensource data

- Yoti - your ID, on your phone