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What we’re about

This meetup group is for you,  if you:  

• Experience too much stress in your relationships and are tired of the negative drama

• Are tired of spending too much money and time in therapy to resolve relationship challenges

• Are ready to stop faking it to make it in your relationships 

• Are ready to be authentically who you are  

• You want to learn how to tell the truth and stop soap opera like drama in your relationships.  

•  You are ready to learn and do what it takes to create relationships that work for you and your relationship partner(s)!

• You know that you and your relationship partners deserve to have 100% of each person's needs met! 

NEW MEETUP OPPORTUNITIES BEGIN IN 2017!  Join the group to get new information about new year learning opportunities.  More information will be provided in December 2016.

IN THE MEANTIME, I am available October through December 2016 for coaching services, weekend relationship intensives, or relationship assessment services. Call 505-514-2024 or go to for more information.  

30 minute free initial consultation about any relationship issue available to single or matched folks.  Same gendered or differently gendered people are all welcome at the Institute.  Learn how relationships don't have to be so difficult!!!


The Institute of Relationship Education has been in active in some form since 1994, most recently in the context of the Center for Consciousness Education. The education services of the Institute are provided because of the passion and personal calling of Wendy Foxworth to help increase the capacity of human beings to create relationships that embody the qualities of consideration, care, connection, and commitment at home, in the work place and in the world at large. 

The Institute exists to "Make Your Life Better" by helping you create relationships that work uniquely for you.  

The Institute provides proprietary tools and methodologies in onsite classes, events and individual sessions in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Classes are also offered online. The education you receive in the events this meetup offers teaches you and those you care most about how to increase the quality of  your relationship interactions so that increased consideration, care, connection and commitment are experienced on a daily basis. 

If you make use of the tools and methodologies, the promise is - your current relationship challenges, pain and suffering will become a thing of the past and future relationship experiences will be deeply satisfying, meaningful, and successful for the life of the relationship.     

You can turn any relationship around in as little as 90 days time if you use these tools. If you are in a new relationship you can also use  these easy to use tools to give yourself  and your partner the best chance for long-term success! 

During the past 30 years, Wendy has developed unique tools and methodologies that help couples, work groups and organizations learn how to forge evolving relationships so that shared goals can be achieved in ways that sustain mutually beneficial relationships for the long-haul. 

The classes taught and events offered at the Institute promise to make your life better wherever two or more are gathered whether at home, at work or in community with others.  


I appreciate your continued interest and involvement! 

Wendy Foxworth

Founder of the Institute for Relationship Education

Certified Relational Interaction Specialist (RIS)


TO UNSUBSCRIBE WITH EASE AND NOT CONTINUE TO RECEIVE INFORMATION FROM THE INSTITUTE, PLEASE LOG INTO THIS MEETUP SITE AND REMOVE YOURSELF AS A MEMBER. No offense taken if you choose to leave!  We wish you well and know you are welcome to come back anytime!