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Intermediate T’ai Chi Chih

with Diana Ristenpart at the Center for Conscious Living

Prerequisite: Beginner’s T’ai Chi Chih with any instructor

Tuesdays, April 2 through May 28 (excluding April 23).

The purpose of the class is to allow students to learn more ways to experience the present moment and a quiet mind while doing the form. To do this the class will delve more deeply into T’ai Chi Chih as a moving meditation.

We will study the 6 principles of the form:

1) Moving from the T’an Tien

2) Softness and Continuity

3) Yinning and Yanging

4) Focusing in the soles of the feet

5) Circularity

6) Polarity

Each session will include writings by Justin Stone about these fundamental principles and the nature of Chi. We will practice all the movements in depth.

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