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What we’re about

A Community of Intention 

We are all works in progress! We came into this world as expressions of pure awareness and soon became enmeshed in a web of conditioning. Many of us spend our lives trying to make sense of this nonsense and become even more deeply entwined. If this statement resonates with you, then you are not alone and are making strides on your own journey home. The purpose of this group is to provide a place where your unique expression of truth will be honored. The practice I offer, is the Intentional Human Project. I use this phrase because it presents a path of returning to the expression of pure awareness that is our birthright. 

Though forms are used (talking circles, fire and water ceremonies, guided visualizations, hypnosis, tai chi, qi gong) these are only vessels that assist us in opening the space, that allows the expression of our awareness. The simpler we keep things the more opportunity there is for something real to occur. 

Membership requirements- When you enter this space do so in innocence! My teacher "Ten Bears" invited us to invoke the phrase, "I am nothing, I know nothing", before entering into ceremony. Ego does not dwell in the the sacred. So simply open your heart and step inside the Circle. 

You are invited! 

James Barfoot      

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