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We are all works in progress! We came into this world as expressions of pure awareness and soon became enmeshed in a web of conditioning. Many of us spend our lives trying to make sense of this nonsense and become even more deeply entwined. If this statement resonates with you, then you are not alone and are making strides on your own journey home. The purpose of this group is to provide a place where your unique expression of truth will be honored. The practice I offer, is the Intentional Human Project. I use this phrase because it presents a path of returning to the expression of pure awareness that is our birthright.

Though forms are used (talking circles, fire and water ceremonies, guided visualizations, hypnosis, tai chi, qi gong) these are only vessels that assist us in opening the space, that allows the expression of our awareness. The simpler we keep things the more opportunity there is for something real to occur.

Membership requirements- When you enter this space do so in innocence! My teacher "Ten Bears" invited us to invoke the phrase, "I am nothing, I know nothing", before entering into ceremony. Ego does not dwell in the the sacred. So simply open your heart and step inside the Circle.

You are invited!

James Barfoot

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Guided Meditation Journeys with Michael Hoffman

Online event

Michael Hoffman will be offering guided meditations on Zoom every other Tuesday evening at 6 pm Pacific Time. They will be free of charge. While this meetup was originally based in Bend, Oregon, Zoom makes it available to you wherever you are located, providing you can make the time zones work. Michael has been meditating for 35 years and teaching it for 30.

These new meditations will be designed to access various spiritual and human resources such as spiritual connection, intuition, openness, empathy, speaking your truth, clear perception, and becoming aware of what is awakening and changing inside yourself.

No meditation experience is necessary to get value from this meetup. "Beginners mind" is actually encouraged.

These meditations will guide you to open and reawaken various energy centers or "chakras". For example, these meditations may access clear perception in the third eye chakra, speaking your truth in the throat chakra, intuition in the solar plexus chakra, and openness and empathy in the heart chakra.

These classes begin with a brief introduction to the mediation we are going to do you. I will then offer a 25-minute (or so) guided meditation. Finally, you will be invited to share what you experienced, receive feedback on what might be awakening, and ask questions. Please be on time as we will begin our meditation near the beginning of the class.

So join us on the ultimate journey inside yourself.

Dream Interpretation Class with Michael Hoffman

Online event

Dreams group

Your inner consciousness is trying to communicate with your conscious mind all the time. It speaks to us in dreams and waking life in the language of symbolism.

Our ego and defense mechanisms see symbols as non-threatening, and let them pass through to our conscious mind. We just have to decode or interpret them to understand what our inner consciousness is trying to say to our conscious mind.

Symbols are like a collective language that we can learn through the experience of interpreting our dreams.

My name is Michael Hoffman. I have been interpreting dreams for the past 30 years. My approach is based on the work of Carl Jung, but also incorporates mythology and spiritual traditions. It is collaborative and intuitive as we creatively work together to interpret your dreams.

Dream groups are devised to give people an opportunity to explore their dreams alongside others, in a supervised and gentle manner. Come and allow yourself to receive the insight and self-awareness of dream interpretation.

Come find out what you have been trying to say to yourself.

We will begin this event in my Zoom room by offering some instruction on dream interpretation and the language of symbolism. We will move fairly quickly into interpreting specific dreams that participants bring to the group.

So you are invited to bring a dream to share for interpretation, although it is not required. You can also bring questions about dream interpretation itself including, "why do I not remember my dreams?" There will be no charge for this group.

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Dream Interpretation Class with Michael Hoffman

Online event

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