What we're about

Our focus is to recognize the light and divinity in each and every person - in you!

We explore experiential tools for awakening our senses and intuitive awareness of life. We support each other in working through mental-emotional blocks that limit our full expression of loving creative expression.

Enjoy the safe space we're creating here. Your Life Force finds awareness through the mirrors of others. Get to know some of the members - make new friends. We're up to something big here . . . together. Trust in the massive benefits that are available. The combined energy of a group with common intention is always more powerful than going it alone.

Commit to 100% confidentiality - always. Create trust by being trustworthy, and your willingness to be real, authentic, open, and vulnerable.

Keep your RSVP up to date so others can join if you can't.

Support and encourage yourself and others. Avoid judging, criticizing, or blaming. Know you are in a safe community by helping it feel safe. Be watchful of your negative reactions to shares or comments from others. Their challenges may be triggering yours. If you feel a negative reaction toward a member, get curious about which of your triggers are messing with you. Use this as a safe playground to intercept and shift how your triggers impact your relationships . . . a reaction to a member can be a powerful microcosm of your relationships on the whole.

Ask for others thoughts and ideas if you’d like an opinion. The best way we can find support is to simply ask for it.  And, on the flip side, be responsive and willing if you've made a commitment to another person.

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Free Meditation: Clearing a Habit or Pattern

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"The more energy tied up in our past, the less we have available to newly create our present." ~ Intentional Life Journey Coaching

These are guided meditations to move from a place of uncertainty or feeling stuck to a place of personal wisdom, ease and flow.

What to expect . . .
• Introduction and group intention setting
• 30-40 minutes of group guided meditation and introspection
• Sharing experiences and wisdom – Satsang

Why is this powerful and different from recorded meditation . . .
• We are all creative beings and where we put our attention grows
• Shared intention & heart coherence open the door to Universal wisdom
• Together we create a field of energetic support that is more powerful than what we create on our own

Who should come and what to bring . . .
• All experience levels are welcome
• Find a quiet room, a comfortable seat, and a journal
• Bring a gentle and open mind, and some child-like curiosity
• If you can listen to a story and put yourself in it you can do it!

Your presence matters and you have boundless wisdom within . . .
• "I have been touched by the Intentional Journey experience. The time spent sitting in guided meditation, tuning in to a deeper awareness of myself and what drives my behavior is so amazingly helpful. Each “journey” not only untangles difficult feelings, but also helps me identify my own inner healing power. Am very grateful for the experience and I hope it continues to be available. 😊"
• "I have found the meditations to be extremely enlightening. I hope we can continue . . . this has become a huge part of keeping myself centered while also experiencing growth."
• “Loved the meditation . . . so experiential to breathe into angst/pain & let go using somatic touches."

It's free - Give it a try

About the Facilitator: www.envoypeace.com/about-kevin-lockwood
More Info & Reviews: www.envoypeace.com/workshops#IJM
Questions & Inquiries: Please email [masked]

Free Event - Wisdom Circle

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Important Notes:

(1) Please be sure your RSVP is up to date. We need an accurate RSVP number to ensure we have enough facilitators. Please cancel your RSVP if you cannot make it and then the next person who is wait listed will be automatically notified by Meetup.

(2) Video is not required. However, enabling your video whenever possible and being mentally, emotionally, and physically present are keys for creating a safe and connected atmosphere for this process.
Thank you :)

Now the Details:

Access your intuitive wisdom to support yourself and others in relationships, career, healing, and life decisions. Other than showing up as your human self - no special skills or experience needed!

We each have our own paths that we have gained personal wisdom from. That can be helpful, but that’s not what a Wisdom Circle is about. What worked for one person may not work for another.

We gather to get out of our heads and into our hearts - to connect with the wisdom of the Infinite Mind. We know what we know, and we know what we don’t know, but we don’t know what we don’t know. That’s the biggest slice of the pie, and that is what we access and share. If you can open into your heart and breathe you're welcome here, if you can't we'll help you :)

Facilitated By Kevin Lockwood

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Free Meditation: Clearing Emotional Blocks

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