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This week's topic:

Is it possible to be an ethically responsible consumer in the 21st century?

Are all those who have bought Walmart or Primark clothes indirectly responsible for the 1000 deaths at the collapsed factory in Bangladesh? Can one eat a Chick-Fil-A (in the US) sandwich with a clear conscience regarding gay rights and appalling spelling (what's a fil-a?)

The writer Ian McEwan commented: "If I boycotted every country I disagreed with, I wouldn't be able to go many places at all." Is it the same with corporations? Is it reasonable to expect consumers to meticulously research before buying a pair of jeans or a sandwich?

The English Debate Club:

Challenge and improve your English skills with lively discussions and debates! Sometimes we stick to debate format, other times it evolves into a general discussion.

Topics will be set at least a week in advance (please feel free to message the group leader with topic suggestions) and participants are welcome to prepare beforehand or wing it - but everyone will be encouraged to contribute to the discussion. Teams will be assigned on the night, so be prepared to argue either side of the debate. There will be some preparation time once teams are assigned.

Focus will be on crafting arguments in English, phrasing for emphasis and expanding vocabulary at an advanced level. Native English speakers who would like to brush up on their debating skills very welcome also!

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