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This week's topic:

Should animals be protected, should animals have rights?

People differ very much in their views when it comes to humans' relationship with animals. There are those who are indifferent to the treatment of animals at one end of the scale, all the way over to those who believe animals have rights.

Flashpoints along the conflict lines are such issues as laboratory experiments on animals, and the transportation and killing of animals for food, clothes and other products.

Some people believe that the capcity for suffering is the most important measure for how we should treat animals, and opinions differ on how much suffering different living things are capable of. Others see the ability to act morally as the benchmark for what living things deserve rights or protection.

Suffering is not unusual in nature, and domestic cats contribute to a large amount of human caused suffering in the animal world. It can be observed that the caring for animals on such an ambitious scale as to take precedence over the need and wants of humans, seems to coincide with us being removed from farming by two generations or more. It can also be observed that animals with rounded features, big eyes and loose skin tend to evoke much stronger feelings of caring and protection in us than ugly animals do.

Directions to the place

Inside the café:

Go into the far (deepest) corner in the café. Go right into the wall there. Not kidding, go right into the wall. On your left there is then a staircase leading down. Some people are still unable to find the staircase, if you are one of them, just ask the staff to show you where the basement is. We are downstairs.

By metro + bus:

Take a bus from Slussen. 3 (towards Södersjukhuset) or 76 (towards Norra Hammarbyhamnen), get off at the second stop after Slussen (Åsögatan), turn right and walk 1 minute down Bondegatan. You'll see the café in front of you, at the end of the block.

By metro + walking:

Closest Metro station is "Medborgarplatsen", and the address of the café is Nytorgsgatan 38. If you look near the top of this page you will see this address, and if you click the name of the Café, a map should appear.

On that map, locate the big street "Folkungagatan" north of the Café, and trace it to the west until you see a "T" in a circle. That is the metro station "Medborgarplatsen".

From the main railway station:

For if you arrive with a suburban train (pendeltåg) or a long distance train. Grab bus 59 from outside of World trade center at the top level of the station (Klarabergsviadukten) and get off the bus at the Bondegatan stop.

The English Debate Club:

Challenge and improve your English skills with lively discussions and debates! Sometimes we stick to debate format, other times it evolves into a general discussion.

Participants are welcome to prepare beforehand or wing it - but everyone will be encouraged to contribute to the discussion.

Focus will be on crafting arguments in English, phrasing for emphasis and expanding vocabulary at an advanced level. Native English speakers who would like to brush up on their debating skills very welcome also!

It's okay to interject and to reply directly as long as it does not get out of hand (in which case a speaker's list will be more strictly enforced). People who have not spoken much get precedence.

If you just like to sit and listen that is fine too. For the few who really like to talk at length: You may be interrupted and asked for clarification, or it may be pointed out that you're repeating yourself.

First hour is usually a bit more free form, looking at the subject from different angles, and then we may home in on specifics more during the second hour