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This is a group for anyone interested in learning the Chinese internal martial arts.

This group focuses on Chen Style Taiji (as taught by Chen Yu) and Xin Yi Liu He Quan (as taught by Yang Hai Ming / Yu Hua Long).

Chen Style Taiji (Tai Chi, Taijiquan) is a martial system from which most of the other popular branches derive. It emphasizes spiral movement, a focus on the dantian (lower abdomen), and a unique way of opening the kua (hips).

Xin Yi Liu He Quan is a closely guarded secret (kept within the Chinese Hui minority population for centuries). It boasts a history of exceptionally long-lived practitioners and strong ties to Traditional Chinese Medicine, meditation, and qigong (energy work).

Anyone is welcome, from complete beginners to full-fledged lineage holders. Come learn to develop internal strength, improve circulation, and foster health and longevity.

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