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"Let the room paint you" - Intermediate Improv Workshop with Sébastien Hansen

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IICV and Sébastien
"Let the room paint you" - Intermediate Improv Workshop with Sébastien Hansen


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*Experiences in improv required*

The IICV and Sébastien Hansen presents an intermediate level improv workshop:

## Let the scene paint you

You may know this feeling: Our characters - clothed in imaginary grey nondescript clothing - are standing in a grey generic lifeless box, telling stories that somehow miss the spark of life. It all feels pale and lacks depth.

How great would it be to let the surroundings tell a story about our characters and give the audience a chance to immerse themselves deeply into the world we are opening for them?

During the workshop we will start looking into how the surroundings of our characters have an influence on what the audience will see, how they perceive our characters and the stories we tell. We will discover how a slight change in the description of our characters makes them much more complex and gives them a depth that we simply cannot reach if we only have them go through dia- and monologues.

We will use scene painting, character painting and some object work as tools to tell stories within stories.

The lovingly re-glued vase speaks volumes and shows its importance.
The slightly discoloured patch of wood on the floor has a history waiting to be discovered.
And why does Mary ALWAYS wear a dried white flower on her hat?

Lets find out together and give our worlds more color.

IICV member*: 100 euros
Non member: 120 euros

In Cache Cache (Dürergasse 11, 1060 Wien)

* Becoming an IICV member costs 10 euros per months, offers discounts to all the IICV workshop and shows and free access to the open weekly session. To become a member, follow this link: Become a member

Saturday 116th and Sunday 17th of December
10:00 to 16:00

Member of participants: 6 to 14 person.
If the member of participant is lower than 6, the IICV reserves the right to cancel the workshop on the 6th of December the latest.

Photograph Policy:
Please be aware that photos will be taken during the show for social media and newsletters.

Code of Conduct:
We are a safe, inclusive Vienna-based international community seeking to explore, play, practice, and perform improvised arts in a group setting. In treating this space with integrity and professionalism, we are committed to facilitating a harassment-free space for all persons regardless of cultural background, disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, etc. Therefore, the International Improv Community of Vienna will not tolerate any form of bullying, harassment, or inappropriate comments (online or in person). Repeated violations of our guidelines can and will result in warnings, removal from the session, or cancelation of membership.
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