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Dating and finding the one to spend your life with is hard enough in itself in The Bay Area. If the life partner you are hoping to find isn't here , how about international dating and marriage?

International Marriage Meetup will help you meet the right person to start a family. It aims to cut to the chase of what is really important: Do you want to find someone who you can build a life with together, someone who will make you a better person; someone who will give the love, respect, and support that you might not have been able to find? that special someone who you may want to raise children with, grow old with, and live a happy and full life with!

If you are American and are open to marrying international, please join us.

If you are already married to someone from another country and think you might want to help others from your experiences, you are welcome and greatly encouraged to come participate our events. You can share with your new found friends on how you met your love and how do you maintain a successful international marriage.

You ask how is this group different from any other social groups on Meetup? This group is game-free and dedicated in finding sincere adults looking for long term relationships. In some other "singles groups", many members are not interested or ready for the long term relationship with one special person. In this meet-up, we encourage people to be honest, candid, and start meeting the right people.

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