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Hello members and friends, Good day! I am the organiser for 3 meetup groups in Chicago which together have over 11500 members. We have not been very active in these groups as old organisers have moved cities or their interests have changed. I would like to reinvigorate the groups and get them back into action. Going forward we would like to arrange some drinks and socialising evenings and also some activity events for our groups. We are thus seeking new organisers and hosts who would volunteer their time and effort to host some meetups. Organising and hosting is an extremely satisfying role which is also challenging at the same time. Organising gives you great insight into human psychology, group dynamics, strategy and event management. It also makes you the social leader of the group and enables you to rapidly expand your network. It is a voluntary part time role and requires only a few hours a week (mainly on weekdays but also some weekends) and it is a great start for someone who has taken a break from work, just moved into the city, someone who needs to network for their main occupation or just for someone who is socially confident and loves meeting people. You can also sign up to host a one-off event and so it is not a long term commitment. Please get in touch with me if you are interested. My thanks and best regards Dan Organiser Clickable links to our groups in Chicago:

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Chicago can be lonely place. It can be even more isolated if you are a bit older or if you are an expatriate who does not have a social network in the city. You seek substantive, intelligent conversations and not mindless chatter.

We want to bring together like minded people who prefer to socialise in relatively quiet locations including quiet bars and restaurants where people can establish connections and friendships beyond mere acquaintances.

Our meetups will be carefully organised monthly to ensure we are small enough in number so that we remember most names and exchange numbers with many by the end of it. We will also try and maintain a reasonable balance between women and men at our events.

We will strive to offer a comforting and warm group which is multinational with a high degree of sensitivity and will be welcoming. We will try to maintain a clubby close knit feel to our group.

You may be single, attached, married, separated or a grand dad...we do not care..(this is not a group exclusively for singles, couples are very welcome!) but be open to new friendships and experiences. We could go to bars, restaurants, cruises, trips, concerts, sports events, holidays, dances and parties, yoga etc. and so the meetups will be diverse.

This club will be about friendships and connections but above all having fun together with friends.

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