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Tim Francis, CEO of Great Assistant, has been featured in Inc Magazine, and spoken at NYU. He is the #1 leader in the space of Virtual Assistants, yet only 6 years ago, he was a lost entrepreneur who was sinking in debt, depression, and even a body crippling illness.

During his darkest time, he read a quote and this changed everything. “Hell is meeting the person I could have been” and it put a fire under Tim, a fire he had never known.

Since that day, Tim has learned many truths in business and life, came back like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, and has touched many people's lives. Today, as the founder of Great Assistant (and other companies), he and his team help entrepreneurs get effective & affordable assistants that take over all the things you hate to do in your business and life!

If you are doing anything that is less than $20 an hour personally, you are literally losing 5x – 10x that amount from your own “Opportunity Cost”! Come and find out how to fix it.

Whether you have never had an assistant before, had one that didn't work as well as you thought, or even have one right now (but want to make them even more profitable for you), then you need to be at this Internet Market Party on Thursday, November 8th.

On stage, Tim Francis will cover how you can expand your own capacity behind the scenes in your business, so you can then go and sell, even more, knowing people have YOUR back!

Of course, we often think that we can all do it on our own. Run our business, multi-task, book travel, schedule, etc. However most times, when you do this, you end up right back where you started, frustrated and often times, worse off than when you started. Now is the time to change that.

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Right now is the Golden Age of Virtual Assistants (and outsourcing). Corporate America will catch on eventually and ruin it for the rest of us!

Don't miss this profitable and liberating IMParty!

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