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What we’re about

Where introverts unite!
Because introversion does not mean being anti social or a recluse.

Our events:
• Slow talk: Everything & everything
• Slow talk 2.0 (Topics provided and group mixers)
• Empathy box
• Anonymous confession
• Peer to peer support group

Hi guys! Awkward at social events? Want to meet new people? Trying to dip your toes in the meeting strangers pool? 
Guess what? Me too! So why not we do it together? :D 
Being an ambivert biased to introvert I know how awkward it is to be at an event and not know what to do. I plan to create a certain structure/guideline for each event so that no one gets lost.
1. This is more of an experimental group right now, see how this goes, hope we get new friends and maybe even family. :D
2. It would be awesome to keep this as "hangout" oriented kinda event instead of "business" oriented event.

Introverts & conversations 1st event was on the 22nd January 2017

Upcoming events (1)

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  • Empathy Box Conversations
    All Day by Union Roastery @ 3 Damansara, Petaling Jaya, SE
    • Photo of Tom
    • Photo of Leopold Opherus
    • Photo of Azim Shah
    • Photo of LozCww
    • Photo of Chance Leong