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Because introversion does not mean being anti social or a recluse.

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Hi guys! Awkward at social events? Want to meet new people? Trying to dip your toes in the meeting strangers pool?

Guess what? Me too! So why not we do it together? :D

Being an ambivert biased to introvert I know how awkward it is to be at an event and not know what to do. I plan to create a certain structure/guideline for each event so that no one gets lost.


1. This is more of an experimental group right now, see how this goes, hope we get new friends and maybe even family. :D

2. It would be awesome to keep this as "hangout" oriented kinda event instead of "business" oriented event.



Introverts & conversations 1st event was on the 22nd January 2017

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Support Group - Conversation with me,myself & I

Bukit Bintang

IMPORTANT: Read description until the end. Hi, hope everyone is doing great. It has been awhile, cause I'm a lil paranoid bout crowd control (and a lil busy with stuff). But I feel things has slowed down a lil, and so I wanna have an intimate support group session. Agenda: 8.00 - 8.15 : Self introduction 8.15 - 8.25 : House rules & introduction 8.25 - 9.25 : Sharing Session 9.25 - 9.30 : Closing 9.30..... : Casual after party? -- As you can see the theme is 'Conversation with me, myself & I'. The sharing session aims to encourage to have a conversation with ourselves. How? By letting it out (sharing the story) we allow ourselves to be heard by others and more importantly by ourselves. By looking for the words to tell the story we also force our mind to articulate the experience more than how we feel/imagine it in silence, in our mind. Why let it out? By letting it out (to right channel) you can also reduce the amplification of negative vibes, creating your own echo chamber. It is a whole different experience to hear yourself out loud- which can be scary and also relieving. -- To ensure that there will be commitment to attend, kindly FOLLOW THESE STEPS TO CONFIRM YOUR ATTENDANCE: 1. RSVP on meetup (Closes 2 days before the day of the event) 2. Fill in the Google form : https://forms.gle/Yz4SHU8L5RZEewKN8 (I will be asking contact details & topic you are planning to share. Kindly read the explaination thoroughly. E.g.; Your contact information will only be used for this event and all info will be deleted once the event ends) 3. Exact location will be shared through WhatsApp after I received your Google form submission -- To ensure that the session is comfortable for all and helpful there are some rule of conduct: 1. Purchase at least 1 item from establishment - drinks /food (I do not have a share or anything, I just believe it is only appropriate as we are using their space) 2. What happened/shared in the session stays within the session 3. Be punctual, inform early if you will be late or need to cancel due to unforeseen/emergency circumstances. 4. There will be certain house rules that you need to follow (will be further explained during the event) Some rules include but not limited to- If someone is telling the story, raise your hand if you would like to perhaps intervene to get clarity/give support etc., do not try to compare/invalidate experience of others (eg: Others have it worse)

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