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Hi guys! Awkward at social events? Want to meet new people? Trying to dip your toes in the meeting strangers pool?

Guess what? Me too! So why not we do it together? :D

This group is meant for activities with a budget- high or low; point is to stretch out our ringgit- we can do pot luck, just a sit and discuss at any coffee shop, take advantage of group discounts, flee market, any interesting events or even promote each others' event. Basically anything that is fun.

Being an ambivert biased to introvert I know how awkward it is to be at an event and not know what to do. I plan to create a certain structure/guideline for each event so that no one gets lost.


1. This is more of an experimental group right now, see how this goes, hope we get new friends and maybe even family. :D

2. It would be awesome to keep this as "hangout" oriented kinda event instead of "business" oriented event.

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Slow Talk 2.0

ME.REKA Makerspace

About the venue: Address on google map is not as accurate, so look up their page for a more detailed guide: https://www.mereka.my/about-us/ Also a snapshot of the space: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XE2Ot7DH_sU *************************************************************** No fees, but there will be a contribution box will be placed at the event. Do contribute if you like what we are doing and want us to keep hosting more social events. Every contribution counts and will be managed strictly for this group's activities only Thanx in advance. *************************************************************** Any suggestions for a theme? For those who are new, this meetup series is basically like an exercise for our conversation skill- everyone is there to do the same so feel free to join in and contribute. Having said that, it is also totally normal if it takes you awhile to warm up before engaging so don't pressure yourself too much and just enjoy the moments. As usual the structure would be : 1. Come & sign in your attendance 2. Write up your name tag; There will be masking tape & marker ready for you. 3.Grab a seat, settle in and maybe even strike up a conversation with a stranger. 4. As the event starts, participants will be divided in groups of 5 and not more than 7. We will try to assign a few regulars to in a way to act as a catalyst to the group chat. 4.a. Cups of topics will be prepared if we run out of topics. 4.b. groups will be shuffled every 30m or so. Up untill 5pm.

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Be Social Activities Meetup: Bowling Etc

e@Curve (formerly Cineleisure Damansara)


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