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What we’re about

The purpose of this group is to help you feel a sense of connection to all that is, to recover from grief and trauma on a spiritual level, to discover and craft your unique abilities that your soul came to express, and to live a happy and fulfilled life from the inside out!

You're a fit for this group if:
1. you’re someone who is very sensitive and “in tune”
2. you feel misunderstood by life, family, and most of society because of your sensitivity or beliefs.
3. you feel you are meant to attune to more peace, joy, and love in all aspects of your life.
4. you might have a tendency to seek substances to cover or try to heal emotional wounds, but find it only creates more emptiness and dissatisfaction.
5. you have an innate and intuitive understanding that there is a mystical realm and you want to connect with the healing it provides on a daily basis in a sustainable way.

You're a fit for this group if you want:
1. resilience to life’s tough blows, past, present, and future,
2. to feel a sense of self and authenticity that attracts people to your energy and attitude,
3. a sense of purpose, ability to connect with humor, and a feeling of peace that comes from feeling connected to all that is,
4. a feeling of being able to live a healthy and happy life without self-destructive behaviors, and a commitment to overcoming self-destructive behaviors,
5. a feeling that you are walking the mystical path with practical feet.

Come join us and discover what's possible!