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What would you like to change? What would you like to create? What if any limitation or block to creating a life you love and totally enjoy is just an energy that can be easily cleared? We invite you to join us for fun and transformation . All are welcome.

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Reiki Share

Intuitive Wellness Center

This Reiki share is open to any line of Reiki Practitioners at any level, as well as those simply wishing to experience Reiki for the first time, or those who feel they need Reiki this day. We will give and receive group Reiki sessions. Length of sessions will depend on number of participants. Reiki share is FREE, but donations are accepted. Please sign upon this Meetup if you plan to come so we can plan ahead for spaces and tables Feel free to arrive and leave when it is convenient for you. You are not required to stay for the entire 2 hours. This event is co-sponsored by ROSE (Reiki Outreach Services for Elders, Inc.), in conjunction with the Intuitive Wellness Center We hope you will join us!

Shamanic Journey Group with Stephanie Seger

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The journey groups have a suggested "Journey Topic" that we discuss before journeying. The group itself is a-la-carte and no previous experience is needed. It is definitely helpful to have read some information about journeying (https://eagletherapies.com/healing/shamanic-journeying/) so you can come prepared. It is not necessary to come to all of the groups in order to understand the concepts we talk about, all of these individual groupings can be done as stand alone topics. There is a once monthly "Shamanic Journey Basics" class taught at the same location. See meetup for more details. There is now a distance option! Click here to join from afar (https://eagletherapies.com/2017/09/15/joining-from-a-distance/)! Basic structure of journey group (https://eagletherapies.com/2015/10/14/structure-for-journey-group-in-fairfax/): 7:00 – Arrival and settling in. It’s good practice to “fully arrive” and make sure you’re in your body and here for the experience 7:15 – Suggested journey topic and Discussion 7:30 – Heart centered sound circle 7:45 – Journey (I will be drumming live, so no recordings) 7:55 – Writing/recording our experiences of journey 8:00 – Discussion of our journey and what it meant to us Shamanic Journeying - What is it? (https://eagletherapies.com/healing/shamanic-journeying/) Helpful things to bring: -Journal/writing implement -(optional) drum or rattle to sing/dance with -an item for the community altar (generally something that is important to you. They could represent a power animal or an ancestor) -a blanket to either lay or sit on This is a space to learn about journeying and how to connect with yourself and your own spiritual guidance. We also welcome more experienced journeyers that wish to deepen their practice and find a small community to connect with. This is a donation based event, any amount you donate goes directly to help keep events like this running :) To stay connected, sign up for our newsletter (http://eepurl.com/bDfd1f), follow our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/eagletherapies/), or join our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/JourneyGroupFfx).

Natural Energy Healing Sessions

Intuitive Wellness Center


Natural born energy healer Ho Namkung will be offering private energy healing sessions (Hands Off) for those who are struggling with health issues, suffering from chronic/acute pain (physical, mental, emotional), seeking for support in alternative medicine and/or who would like to experience awakening self-awareness. For more info and testimonials.... https://www.naturalwayofhealing.com/testimonials 2 private sessions are available as shown below. Timeslot1: 11:00 AM-12:00 PM (Reserved) Timeslot2: 12:10 PM-1:10 PM Contact [masked] to schedule a session. Cost: $100 Natural Energy Healing has helped healing list of illnesses below. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Aneurysm, Nervous stomach, Social anxiety, Abdominal issues, High blood pressure, Constipation, Sinus Infection ,Acid reflux, Sport Injuries (groin, knee, ankle, foot, back, shoulder etc..), Chronic pains caused by spinal problem, Trauma, ACL reconstruction recovery process, and more …

Quantum-Allergy™ Clinic

Intuitive Wellness Center


What is Quantum-Allergy™? Quantum-Allergy™ is a method that brings the body up to optimal balance. Developed by Linda Menkhorst and Yolande van Rosmalen in the Netherlands, it was taught for the first time in the US last April and it has been highly rated by private clients. Every organ and cell in our body has their own unique vibration also called natural frequency. The exchange of information between the organs and the environment, between the organs and all body systems, and the nutrition we offer our body, determines, among other things, how the body functions and whether or not there are physical and emotional imbalances. Quantum-Allergy™ can be used to alleviate many complaints and disturbances in the body. Jo and Gina, two of the only 6 facilitators in the country, will hold a clinic with 20 minute sessions per participant, Wednesdays from 1pm to 5pm. Just come when it is convenient; you don't need to make an appointment. It will be first come, first served. With two facilitators, wait times will be short. Come join us and learn about this unique, very effective technique from the Netherlands, which can help you improve many areas of your life.

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Last Minute Quantum-Allergy™ Clinic

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