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I have created a place to have fun learning and expanding our understanding of ourselves and our spiritual energy and to help others expand their awareness of their own life energies and spiritual nature.

If you choose to grow in your spiritual awareness and would like to develop your psychic/clairvoyant skills, I offer classes in intuitive meditation, clairvoyant training, energy healing, hands-on healing, etc. that are easy, fun and playful.

My group is open to everyone...from the novice to the experienced.

Along with classes I also have guided meditations, FREE Aura Healing Clinics, psychic/metaphysical fairs, special events and monthly "chat" sessions to allow like-minded individuals the opportunity to come together to discuss metaphysical topics and enjoy each others company.

Please view our website at

https://linktr.ee/IntuitiveHealingInstitute (http://www.intuitivehealinginstitute.com)

Upcoming events (4+)

FREE HEALING Fridays!!! Live at 5pm (PT)

Needs a location

FREE Healing Fridays 5 pm (PT) 8 pm (ET)


See FREE Zoom link below!

First FREE Friday of each month
FREE Universal Consciousness Reconnection Meditation

· Do you feel disconnected, isolated, or depressed, do you feel like you don’t belong, like you want to “leave” or go “home”? Have you been having trouble focusing, meditating, or healing yourself and others?

· These are the feelings many of us who are sensitive to energy are having, those who are highly intuitive, light workers, energy healers, empaths, psychics, etc.

· Feelings of not being connected have been the talk of the energy healing and metaphysical communities for a long time, it is happening more and more as the dynamic of our world is changing.

· Join us in this meditation that will bring you “home” and reconnect you with the Universal Consciousness.

Second FREE Friday of each month
FREE Expansion Begins with Gratitude Meditation

· What we focus on we attract, worry, money, fear, love, anger, everything!

· Imagine changing your focus to GRATITUDE! Imagine attracting everything you are grateful for: love, peace, abundance, wealth, good health, compassion, freedom, inspiration, respect, prosperity and so much more!

· Join us in our Expansion Begins with Gratitude Meditation to find out what can YOU attract by sitting in the energy of gratitude!

Third FREE Friday of each month
***FREE Quantum Planetary Healing Meditation ***

· As we move into this interesting, challenging, unsettling time, both the planet and Universe are calling us to step up, unite and help, help transition our world into a better, happier more peaceful higher vibration.

· It is time we take part in raising the energy vibration of our world and all its inhabitants including ourselves. It is time for us to take part in what we have been preparing for our entire lives. We must UNITE to heal the planet.

· You are invited to UNITE with spiritual leaders, teachers, and healers for a Quantum Planetary Healing to help make the shift that we have all been waiting for.

Fourth FREE Friday of each month
FREE Improve Your Self-Image with Intuitive Meditation

· How often do you criticize yourself? How often do you judge yourself? How often do you feel invalidated, worthless, full of fear or anger? Do you find that you also criticize and judge others?

· Learn how to release energies that are affecting your self-image, energies that block you from being who you truly are and accepting every bit of YOU.

· Each meditation is focused on learning how to release and replenish, releasing low-vibration energies and replenishing with high-vibrations. Imagine releasing fear and replacing it with confidence, releasing hate and replacing it with love, invalidation with validation, self-doubt with self-acceptance.

· During each effortless meditation we will work on a different energy vibration to Improve Your Self-Image, you can work these energies in class then continue to work on them daily at home, working each energy so you can grow to your fullest potential.

FREE HEALING FRIDAYS ZOOM LINK-Please register at least 10 minutes before we begin so you will have time to receive the confirmation link that will be sent to YOUR email address, you need the link in the email to access the meeting.

USE THIS LINK to Register in advance for this meeting:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

IHI's Annual Bonfire Potluck

Needs a location

Sunday, August 14, 2022, 4pm to 9:00pm

Huntington State Beach

Summer is here! Let's get together and enjoy the beach, break bread and enjoy each other’s company over a bonfire. This is your time to connect with your community of healers and readers, empaths, psychics, etc.

Sit by the fire, enjoy the beach, sun, moon & stars, talk, eat, trade healings, swim in the ocean, and more. Drums, rattles, flutes, digeridoos, etc. are welcome.

Potluck: Bring your tastiest dish for 6-8 people
Please bring everything to make yourself comfortable, chairs, towels, blanket, beach toys, etc.

If you can donate firewood or water, or bring tables, it would be greatly appreciated please let us know what you can bring.

Copy and paste this link https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0D4FAAAC2DA1F8C34-intuitive to RSVP with the dish you will bring for the potluck.

Exact beach/bonfire pit location will be given the day of the event. We will post it on Facebook so make sure you belong to Intuitive Healing Institute's Facebook page BEFORE the event. https://www.facebook.com/intuitivehealinginstitute. If you do not use Facebook, please let us know before the event so we can get the location information to you.

Quantum Alchemical Hands-on-Healing Program

Link visible for attendees


Quantum Alchemical Hands-on-Healing Training Program

12-Month program

Mondays, March 7, 2022 to February 27,[masked]pm-8:30pm (PT)
9pm-11:30pm (ET)

(No new students accepted after March 14, 2022)

Quantum Alchemical Hands-on-Healing incorporates hands-on-healing, intuitive energy healing, and clairvoyant reading into an incredibly effective healing modality. Our Quantum Alchemical Hands-on-Healing Program offers a unique approach to the hands-on-healing modalities that have been practiced by many cultures for thousands of years. This technique includes working with the physical body & chakra system while giving intuitive communication in order to accelerate the healing process. During this program, you will develop all of your psychic abilities effortlessly.

You will learn how to work with:

o The 10 body systems
o The 7 major chakras
o Intuition & psychic abilities
o Psychometry
o Healing Hands
o Healing Rings
o Gold Energy
o Kundalini Energy

Raise your body systems & chakras and that of your client to the highest vibration possible. This process promotes healing by releasing stuck low vibration that causes the energy flow to stop and cause dis-ease.

Upon completion of the program, you will become an Ordained Minister and be able to work professionally as a Quantum Alchemical Hands-on-Healer.

No experience is necessary you will learn all you need to know during this 12-month program.


Early bird special discount
Monthly payments accepted

Contact Lee Ann if you have any questions. (310)[masked] OR [masked]

Intuitive Meditation 1

Needs a location


Intuitive Meditation 1
Tuesdays, August 2nd to September 6th

Begin to develop your intuitive abilities so you can use them every day in and out of meditation to heal from past & present trauma. You will learn to use your intuition and psychic abilities in our fun, creative and effortless Intuitive Meditation 1 class.

Learn about programming, growth periods, mental image pictures, matching pictures, being "lit up", how to have and receive 100% of what you want in your life, and how to manifest anything you want?

During this 6-week session you will learn how to:

· Ground and release unwanted energy to allow self-healing
· Read energy so you can release energy blocks
· Use tools to protect yourself from other people's energy
· Replenish with your own life force energy & high vibration energies
· Have and receive 100% of what you want
· Manifest anything you want
· Find amusement and neutrality
· Work with earth and cosmic energy

All welcome. This class is designed for beginning and experienced students alike. No previous experience is necessary!
Cost $299 for 6-week session (Do you want to SAVE $50 = only $249 if registered before July 28,[masked] pm)

New students allowed until August 9th

**Videos of classes included, you will receive videos of all recorded classes through a Dropbox link, because of this there are no refunds after participating in the first class of the session, full refund if the class is canceled by IHI.

Intuitive Meditation 2 AND Intuitive Meditation 3 will follow Intuitive Meditation 1 on the schedule.

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Intuitive Meditation 1

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