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It may be difficult to imagine a world where human beings are even more connected than we are now. Yet the reality is that when it comes to connectivity, we’re barely scratching the surface in terms of where we’ll be in the future.

Wearables will become invisibles, either permanently attached to the body, or embedded within the body; fully integrated, and always connected. Our bodies will churn out data about our location, activities, physical health, mental state of mind, and even our thoughts!

Is the process of transforming into cyborgs simply yet another stage in our evolutionary process? By leveraging the vast output of data across all of mankind and combining carbon and silicon, the human race has the potential to become stronger, faster, and better than ever before.

Some may think that this impending technological upgrade is past due, others may be reluctant or even fearful of this new era of the connected human. Perhaps we are becoming too dependent on technology? For example, today it is possible to connect life-saving artificial body organs, such as pacemakers, to the Internet. These highly sophisticated medical devices not only provide incredible insights by uploading a continuous stream of data to the cloud, but they also allow medical professional to monitor the host 24/7. All good, until there's either a component or software error, that causes the device to fail, or worse, get hacked and shut down intentionally?

We will invite speakers who are domain experts in this field, such as entrepreneurs, academics, and medical professionals. We will explore the current range of connected devices and software applications that have been designed to enhance sexual pleasure, aid reproduction, monitor the health of infants and adults, increase athletic performance, enhance brain and body function, and extend lifespan.


18.15 - 18:20 WELCOME

Simon Montford, Founder WEB3//IOT @simonmontford

18:20 - 18:40 Simon Montford (WEB3//IOT)

The International Consumer Electronics Show (International CES) is the world’s gathering place for the consumer technology industry. Held in Las Vegas every year (Jan 6-9), it acts as a showcase for innovation and breakthrough technology. Although Simon didn't attend the event in person, he did a "virtual tour" of the show by watching live streams via Youtube and Periscope, and scoured the virtual conference hall for insights, industry trends, and this year's most innovative must-see products. Simon's overview will focus on tech that has been designed to enhance the health, fitness and well-being of juniors, seniors, and everyone in between.

18:40 - 19:00 Gavin Wheeler (Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems)

Gavin's work at Toshiba includes wearable health devices and how they fit into the larger picture of the Internet of Things, and big data analysis. He is therefore well positioned to understand the demands that are increasingly being put on health and social services by the ageing population. This is a huge problem increasingly faced by many countries across the world. Both the private and public sector are therefore keen to understand how the IoT can help Social and Health providers deliver the services in a more efficient and effective way, so that older people can continue to lead active, independent, and longer lives; improving quality of life and reducing costs.

19:00 - 19:20 Gavin Neate (CEO at Neatebox Ltd)

We are often guilty of getting carried away with all the exciting and incredible things that new technology is capable of, and the IoT is no exception. For many, however, it is the simple things that technology can help facilitate that make the most difference. The problem is that these solutions are often overlooked in a world that's increasingly pre-occupied by "connected" technologies such as autonomous vehicles, smart home gadgets and robotics. Gavin is a socially aware entrepreneur on a mission - help people utilise technology to make a positive impact on their lives. Specifically he has developed a proximity aware technology called Neatebox, that enhances the independence of those with reduced mobility, by helping them cross the road safely and easily with a simple press of a button.

19.20 - 19.40 Discussion & Q&A

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Topics: Wearables, Embeddables, Connected Health, FitTech, Fitness Trackers, Smart Home, Smart City, Big Data, Robotics, Ambient Assisted Living, Companion Robots, Gesture Control, Remote Health Monitoring.